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Have you ever seen the effects of blur like in electric shock or interference? It is often seen on movie posters (especially ghost movies) or book covers. They call it the glitch effect.

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Correct photos taken directly or taken from the photo library

In order to create glitch effects, it is often done in photoshop with complicated operations.

However, now, with Onetap Glitch photo editing application for Android , you can create unique Glitch effects with just one touch.

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Save the edited image to your computer or share it on social networks

Download the Onetap Glitch photo editing app for Android

The Onetap Glitch photo editor will let users choose between several different types of eyebrow changes. It also has advanced settings that allow users to edit random seed, change RGB, intensity and thickness. You don’t have to understand all of that, make your own corrections and see the changes in the photo.

The main glitch photo editing app can export your photos to your computer gallery or share them on social networks like instagram , whatsapp , facebook , twitter

New feature

  • Add 2 glitch effects.
  • Improved user interface.

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