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One More Line is a funny game with free play style, many colors but also many challenges. It promises to challenge every gamer and every possible limit of tolerance.

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One More Line game interface

Talking about One More Line, I do not know how to describe in words? For example, when playing a game, you will get a feeling similar to Flappy Bird , it is easy to look at, playing for the first few seconds is very interesting, but it will be very confusing because you do not know how to go further, when The only message that the game gives is “Hold anywhere” (roughly translated: kept anywhere). Let’s see what this one-touch game brings you.

The main feature of the one-touch game One More Line

  • One-touch gameplay extremely attractive
  • More than 5 million downloads worldwide
  • Outstanding retro art style
  • Fun space disco sound
  • New colorful graphics
  • All free

Video introduces the funny game One More Line

Experience fast game One More Line

To play One More Line on the computer you will use the mouse, click anywhere on the screen how the line can go the farthest distance.

The main character in the game is a line of any 3 colors, led by a stylized D. Each time this D goes a paragraph, the lines behind it will also grow, creating colorful strokes on the screen. On the gaming screen in addition to the D there are many hook points, when the D enters the circumference of the circles whose center is the hook point that will curve along the border of that circle. Where you have to click, at some point is the key to being able to take the D further. Just click the wrong letter D will plunge into two borders or hook points and break.

For each level scored, you will have the ladder to evaluate:

  • Less than 10 points: You are not trying
  • 11 – 19 points: You can earn these points even without touching the screen
  • 20 – 25 points: A middle-aged mother can also get this level
  • 25 – 49: You’re on the right track
  • 50 – 99: Honorable
  • 100 – 199: You’re doing great
  • 200: Wow, that’s great
  • Over 400 points: You are the best One More Line player in the world

In short, you should try and experience the game that challenges millions of gamers to get your own experience and feelings. Download One More Line and start the adventure with this colorful D.

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