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OMG 3Q is the most unique fighting game on the market today, exclusively released by VNG in Vietnam. With sharp graphics, beautiful effects, legendary characters such as Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Diaom Boat … are reproduced in a real and vivid way.

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Download OMG 3Q for Android – Chess card game on mobile.

OMG 3Q brings 120 generals, with more than 1,000 skill sets, requiring players to calculate carefully to combine into the most powerful army. OMG 3Q also owns many community features such as: Battlegrounds, Inter-Voice Voice Chat, Guild Clones, State Territories … all for the purpose of connecting the community of players together. OMG 3Q supports both Android and iOS platforms .

Updated feature in OMG 3Q – Battle of the Three Kingdoms

Chess on Kim

Opening Kim generals: Tuan, Khuong Duy, Van Duong and Lo Truc.

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Matchless Battlefield

Rules of War:

  • Players who reach level 100 can take part in the battle in the Infinite Battlefield.
  • Matchless Battlefield is a 2vs2 battle in the server, open from Monday to Friday.
  • You can invite friends or quickly invite offline Masters to the party.
  • After partying, the match of the day cannot be changed.
  • The whole battle process will be manipulated by the captain, after the end, at 12:15 the next day the member receives the same reward as the captain.
  • Before each battle, the captain can choose a champion from all the generals of the two sides to make the battle.
  • In the process of going beyond the frontier will randomly drop resurrection props, HP recovery, rage.
  • After each pass, the entire battle will recover to its original state, and the hero will die again.
  • Must destroy all 3 enemies in each frontier can enter the next frontier.
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Reward rules:

  • After each victory, you will receive props and bonus points.
  • Everyday attacks reach a certain number of times also receive progress bonus.
  • The higher the number, the higher the frontier.
  • Earn BXH points, summarize rewards at 0:00 every Saturday.

Scanning rules:

  • The progress of overcoming the frontier, the team, and the challenge at 0:00 every day will be reset.
  • Players after crossing a number of frontiers can sweep.

Binh Phu

  • Players who reach level 100 can open Binh Phu.
  • Binh Phu pieces from pieces of pieces of pieces of pieces, pieces of pieces of armor are received in Matchless Battlefield or purchased in Binh Phu store.
  • After activating Binh Phu will increase the attribute, this attribute is effective for all champions in the battle.
  • After wearing the Binh Phu will activate Binh Phu skill, this skill is only effective for generals equipped with this Binh Phu.
  • Each type of Binh Phu can only be combined into one, the piece of Binh Phu can increase so that this Binh Phu
  • General can equip an activated Binh Phu, different generals cannot equip Binh Phu of the same type. After equipping, this champion can receive the natural skills of the corresponding Binh Phu.
  • Binh Phu’s rank up costs up-level equipment (Linh Dong Thanh Dong, Loi Hoa Tu Dong, Thuong Anh Hoang Dong, Liet Duong Hong Dong), in effect for all generals going to battle.
  • Binh Phu’s stars need Binh Phu and Chung Linh Ngoc’s pieces to increase their natural skills.
  • The Binh Phu and Chung Linh Ngoc rank up props are both received in the Battlefields of War or purchased at the Binh Phu Store.
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Other optimization

  • Golden God of Red Army: Increases the basic attributes of each large tier when the Red Golden Needle is turned, after the update is complete, the fighting force of the player with the Red Golden God or the 1st Grade or higher will increase sharply.
  • Adding the Noble Spell, Noble Spell can increase the bonus attribute of Spirit Stones.
  • Adding chapter 8 of the Three Kingdoms Book.
  • Red pet may return to their original state.
  • Gifts in the Month Fund, in the unclaimed state, can be automatically deposited into the gift center after the event ends.

Unique features in the card game OMG 3Q for Android

Massive system of generals

OMG 3Q has up to 120 generals, each champion has its own advantages and disadvantages, divided into 3 qualities:

  • General Xanh: Including legendary names in the Three Kingdoms period such as: Phan Phung, Vuong Doan, Chung Hoi, Cam Phu, Cao Thuan, Hua Du, Ma Dai …
  • General Purple: Including the following famous generals: Quan Binh, Cao Thuc, Hoa Hung, Tu Ma Chieu, Truong Tu, Ly Nho, Vien Thuat …
  • General Cam: The generals who possess the highest qualities such as: Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Ton Kien, Ton Quyen, Ton Sach, Quach Gia, Quan Vu, Truong Phi, Lu Bu, Dia Buu, Vien Thuy, Vien Thieu …

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The system of generals in OMG 3Q is diverse and plentiful.

Mission system

The mission sequence in OMG 3Q is quite diverse and plentiful, built on the details in the novel. When completed the task will bring players a lot of valuable gifts.

Join the battle state

OMG 3Q is also a place for players to freely join the battle, go to the state, buy the necessary items for their war journey in the State Shop.

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Bang interface in OMG 3Q game.

PvP arena

A place for players to challenge themselves, train their fighting ability. There are many types of fighting for players to choose, can fight as Moba or hunt the World Boss with other players.

Some other features

  • The system of vice maps is massive and abundant.
  • Successful war, attractive.
  • Features Mineral Dispute full of fun.

Note: OMG 3Q will open Alpha Test at 10:00 on August 16 – August 20, with character reset. During the trial period, there were a series of attractive gifts of up to VND 25 million.

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