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Omega Force for Android is a very attractive goalkeeper game on Google Play . Respond to the king’s call, fight the other kingdoms to win for your own glory.

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Unlike other tower defense or strategy games you’ve experienced such as Tower Defense: The Last Realm , Modern Defense , Toy Defense Fantasy or Tower Defense: Fantasy TD , Omega Force is a unique combination of games tactics and action role-playing game. The world in Omega Force is a fantasy world where your kingdom is being oppressed by 3 different forces. In the game, you control a legendary hero, lead the army and win every battle.

Join the fierce battles and fight for your glory in the epic clash between 3 sides – People, Demons and Ghosts! Chaos descended upon the kingdom as these factions wage war to become the sole ruler!

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Choose one of the 3 races to join – Humans, Demons and Ghosts

Choose your race, build armies, and train them to become the kingdom’s best fighting force. Surround your opponent’s towers and destroy them to win the strategy game Omega Force for Android . Plunge into 2v2 multi-player tower defense battles and fight gamers from around the world!

Develop your own unique strategy to overcome all opponents and win city battles. Units in Omega Force Android all possess special abilities that you can use to turn the situation and take advantage compared to other players. For example, Kitty Ninja can perform a lethal sneak attack, while Phoenix can revive after turning to ashes. Discover the unique abilities of each unit, build your army and decide the right strategy for each battle!

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Join dramatic matchups and collect over 50 unique characters in Omega Force

Each player you fight in the arena will also use their own army (with different strengths and weaknesses), so you may have to adjust your strategy in the middle of the clash to bring down the Tower of enemies as quickly as possible!

Outstanding feature of the game Omega Force for Android

  • Choose one of three factions to join – Humans, Demons and Ghosts
  • Take part in real-time tower defense battles against other players around the world.
  • Team up with teammates in epic 2v2 battles. The more chaos the more!
  • Build and train your battle army using a variety of giant units.
  • Develop your own battle strategy to attack and defend.
  • Each unit has the ability to use its own special skills.
  • Combine 2 battle units to unlock your true power.

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Plunge into great tower defense battles in the game Omega Force for Android

You have been summoned by the king to join the Omega Force arena! The fate of the kingdom is up to you. Which side are you on? Who will be the true ruler of the kingdom? Download the game to your computer and prove your strength!


Game Omega Force for Android requires a stable network connection to play.

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