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O2Cam is a beautiful image capture and processing software that breaks the limitations of smartphone photo editing, helping you capture your most natural and realistic beauty.

O2Cam is a high-quality photo-taking and editing app, dedicated to selfie enthusiasts, who wants to have beautiful selfies with smooth, flawless skin in every detail.

In particular, this photo editing tool has an Adjust adjustment function and the all-new O2 Set filter, giving your photos bright, high quality.

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Professional, powerful selfie photo editing application O2Cam

Outstanding feature of photo editing application O2Cam for Android

Stunning O2 Set filters

Blur effects, smoke, fog, light through the window, flares … all these factors will help create a great atmosphere for your photos. Each filter in the O2 Set has its own elegant and interesting features, designed by photographers. Thanks to that, you can create natural, subtle images easier than ever.

Just take a shot and let O2 Cam turn your photos into a dreamy look.

Editing function

Dozens of options for users to adjust the face to your liking, extremely natural, while keeping your own definition, just creating the perfect beauty.

In the Adjust section, you will have 3 beauty options including:

  • Atmosphere: Add lighting effects, stickers, darkening photos, creating noise …
  • Beauty: Beauty effects include color correction and smoothing the skin, nose, eyes, chin, angled face or V-line …
  • Touch-up: Makeup effects such as lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eyebrow drawing …

The subtle adjustments, details in Adjust will help you get more beautiful than expected. In particular, manipulation editing extremely easy.

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Easy editing operation, simple

Smart AI

An all-new algorithm that automatically enhances and adjusts photos according to the shooting environment. O2 Cam will help each of your photos to have its own beauty, style, not boring.

New feature

  • Add fall theme filters: JapanVibe and Akacha.
  • The Sharpen effect has been optimized, making your beauty more outstanding.

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