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Ngao Thien Mobile is a fascinating first-person role-playing game , built on the story of Ngao The Cuu Trong Thien by writer Phong Lang Thien Ha. With attractive storyline, for players to transform into 1 of 3 character classes: Fantasy Dance, Thien Size, Cuong Dao.

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Download Ngao Thien Mobile – Game MMORPG 2.5D

Diverse mission system, for players to unleash implementation. When the character reaches the maturity level, it will in turn open attractive features such as Dharma protection, Cavalry, Forging, Divine war, Tu Tien, Air training, Clearing the meridians, Assistant ….

Besides, there are countless activities PK, Chaos War, Inter-Server Battle Point, Boss Hunting, Guild for players to get lost in dramatic, dramatic battles to suffocate. Tournaments large and small, from single, double, combined, from the same server to the server inter …

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Download Ngao Thien Mobile to experience the ultimate superhero, martial arts

Character system in the game Ngao Thien Mobile


Violet Flute carries in itself the attribute of power, attack, and defense. Possessing a melee fighting style, braking the battle

Thien Size

Thien Tich was mild, gentle, and did not like to fight when only bad people came to do so. Thien Tich has a high endurance, and he hits it somewhere.

Fantasy Dance

Fantasy Vũ was small but agile, and dodged well. Able to attack long-range, fight somewhere. Despite being a woman with weak limbs, her temperament is strong, except for killing time and protecting Jiangshan.

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Interface to create characters in Ngao Thien Mobile

New feature in Ngao Thien Mobile – Loi Dai Tranh Ba

Lei Dai Tranh Tranh Ba Lien Server

The Thundering Painting of Ba Lien Server takes place on the 8th and the 25th of every month. From 21:00 to 22:00 which servers have the number of opening days reaching 80 days, Level 400 and above will open Lei Dai Lien Server and participate in the following 3 matches:

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Battle of Status:

  • Using a self-selected form, players can spend a certain number of Lightning Points to make Lei Dai become a master or attack Lei Dai created by other players.
  • The person who fights to defeat the master will receive Points and can take Lei Dai to become the new master.
  • The challenger can focus certain Points to receive Buffs before challenging, greatly increasing the attribute.
  • Lei Dai is able to earn a lot of points at a time, and based on the Scoring ranking, the Top 32 players will advance to the Winning Point.

Score Winning Battle:

  • Top 32 players in the final round will be divided into 4 groups, each group has 8 players.
  • Winning Points uses the form of 1V1, each time you win an opponent will receive 1 Point, each time only 2 players play against each other, the remaining 6 players are outside to watch.
  • Players can fight Lei Dai, players who successfully steal Lei Dai will challenge the winner in the next match, no one will win Lei Dai, the system will arrange the battle order itself.
  • The ultimate goal of Winning Points is to win the other 7 players to win 7 Points, the first player to win 7 Points will enter the Brawl.
  • The remaining players continue to play in order or continue to steal Lei Dai, eventually relying on Points to award Winning Points rank.

Match Match:

  • 4 players winning from the previous round will play 2 pairs randomly, the winner will continue to fight for the champion, the losing side will continue to fight for Persia.
  • The longer the time on Lei Radio is, the more rewards you get, the top 4 players of each season of Lei Dai can receive a limited edition sub weapon.

Rising Star Blood vessels

  • Players who reach Phi Thang Level 370 can open Star Blood Vessels in the Blood Vessels system of the Transcendental button, increasing 7 Vascular types to increase combat power.
  • The first 30 stars of each target need to target Star Blood Star, the next 30 stars must kill Star Blood Star.
  • The success rate of each star level is different, if it fails then the consumable props will not be reserved.
  • Primary Star Stone can be obtained from the exploration game in the Museum system, Central Star Blood Stone can use 5 Primary Star Stone Stones.

Blood Vessel – Stopped System

  • Characters gain Phi Thang 385 opening Blood Vessels, activate 6 Dragon Balls of the Ancient Ancient Dragon, stop training Vascular Gods in the body.
  • Each of them can stop training through these 6 Dragon Balls. Different Dragon Ball, representing different properties.

Practice Linh

  • Characters who reach the God of Level 1 open the sectarian equipment system – Train Spirit.
  • Liao Liao Lingzhou can train Linh lair with equipment, each rank has 5 stars, Liao Ling can receive from Maze Island.
  • After all equipment has increased by 1 new level, continue to increase to the next level and activate the continuous attribute.

Unique features in the game Ngao Thien Mobile for Android

  • Choose 1 of 3 character classes including Trademarker, Daoist and Gunner.
  • Perform a series of linear missions according to the plot.
  • Effects of skills, equipment, mounts, pretty wings.
  • System of chaos PK 128 players, fiery arena.
  • Boss system grows with each level, the higher the level, the more Boss types appear.
  • Collect items through fighting monsters, killing bosses, overcoming extra copies.

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With a diverse system of features, countless activities, Ngao Thien Mobile will bring extremely interesting experiences for gamers.

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