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NetSpeedMonitor is software that displays the network speed accurately and is useful for computers. Download NetSpeedMonitor 32-bit and NetSpeedMonitor 64-bit from the Download button above depending on the device configuration you are using.

When connected to the Internet daily, you can access a wealth of information on many different topics, such as politics, games , social networks , watching movies … besides chatting with friends, sending emails, video call…

In fact, not every Internet connection is perfect. Sometimes, you will encounter slow connection errors, even network lag, network outages … With Net Speed Monitor software, you will have a monitoring tool to help resolve these common connection problems.

The main feature of Net Speed Monitor

Check Internet connection on computer

NetSpeedMonitor allows monitoring of activities on the Internet. The tool will display information about your Internet connection, helping you identify problems as soon as they occur.

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Operation of NetSpeedMonitor does not affect the overall experience on the computer because it is located separately in the system tray. When opening the app, we can explore more advanced options. The application toolbar helps monitor the download and upload speed of computer networks in real time.


Error cannot be avoided when using NetSpeedMonitor on PC . Therefore, users need to set compatibility mode on the installer before running the program. NetSpeedMonitor currently supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating systems.

Simple interface

NetSpeedMonitor owns a minimalist and intuitive interface. The controls are organized scientifically on the software interface, so users will not encounter any difficulties when using.

Monitor Internet activity

NetSpeedMonitor is the perfect choice to monitor the value of current upload and download speeds. From there, users can easily identify problems encountered and find ways to fix them in time, avoiding affecting the overall network connection experience.

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