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My Town: Discovery for Android is the latest educational game from the developer My Town Games , where kids will have a town of their own to freely create interesting stories.

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My Town series is not just a series of casual simulation games . The game includes a lively town that children can customize as they wish. Another highlight is that the city in My Town will continue to grow with new locations, update its clothing store weekly and more activities to inspire kids to explore.

And to help children have more useful adventures, the developer My Town has teamed up with Discovery channel to bring them a new game called My Town: Discovery with lots of interesting and interesting content.

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New features in the game My Town: Discovery for Android

Many things to discover

My Town: Discovery for Android is like a real town with lots to learn, places to explore and endless possibilities. The game will continuously update new content weekly from clothes, streets to character hairstyles.

Collectibles hearts everywhere

Use hearts collected in the game to unlock many cool features, such as upgrading homes and towns, changing new clothes and hairstyles for characters.

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Museum of scientific discovery

The Science Discovery Museum of My Town: Discovery Android is a special place, containing many interesting educational content. Visit this museum to learn about different types of aircraft, take part in fun activities and even learn how to fold paper airplanes!

Lots of new free content

There is a lot of free content everywhere to explore in the town of My Town: Discovery such as: baby’s house in games, clothing shops and cafes. In addition, the game also has a lot of free characters and town upgrades that your child can apply.

If you want to unlock more content, your baby can try the game for 3 days for free. Use this trial version to dive into the game and start creating your next adventure!

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Sign up for a VIP package to unlock lots of cool stuff

Please register the VIP subscription package to have full rights to play the game for free for 3 days. As a VIP member, you will receive:

  • Add hearts – Unlock extra clothes, hair styles, house upgrades and more.
  • More characters – Meet all citizens in My Town town.
  • More gifts – Choose from 3 daily gifts instead of 2 items.
  • More fun – Freedom to customize the town, indoor pool, birthday party, disco, …

Salient features of the game My Town: Discovery for Android

  • Discover an ever-growing town, featuring diverse locations, clothing, custom, and characters.
  • 8 places for children to play and interact on the city map.
  • 40 customizable areas to give your child the freedom to create the town they want.
  • 3 fun and rewarding interactive mini games.
  • Along with many other interesting activities awaiting the children to discover in the game My Town: Discovery Android !
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Introducing the developer My Town

My Town is a company specializing in designing doll house simulation games to promote creativity for children around the world such as: My Town: Iceme Amusement Park , My Town: Street Fun , My Town: Wedding , My City: Newborn Baby , My City: Babysitter , My City: Office , Wonderland: Beauty & Beast , Wonderland: Peter Pan , … and many other games with interesting themes.

Favorite by children and parents, My Town’s games are always highly educational and create a healthy playing environment for children. The company currently has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit

Recommended age

The game is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old, easy enough for 4-year-olds to experience and super fun to attract 12-year-old children. Games in the My Town series are very safe even without parental supervision. The game does not contain developer advertisements, 3rd party ads and does not require an Internet connection.

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