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My Talking Tom for Android is a cat parody game that millions of people love around the world. The latest My Talking Tom update for Android promises countless surprises waiting for you to discover.

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My Talking Tom

You always wanted a kitten? So don’t be afraid to adopt Tom! Take care of it – feed, play and nurture it from an adorable cat to adulthood. There is no better virtual pet in this market. In particular, the game also has great mini games that help you have fun and have fun! Talking Tom is not Outfit7’s only virtual pet app. If you like femininity, momentum, you can download My Talking Angela .

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Update My Talking Tom for the latest Android

My Talking Tom for Android

  • Mini game: Become the top scorer.
  • Sports wear: Poke Tom to see what happens when he wears it.
  • Bean power: You can guess what will happen to Tom when he eats up these beans.

My Talking Tom Christmas version

  • Discover special gifts for My Talking Tom players with this Christmas version.
  • Join the adventure of Christmas Eve and welcome the new year with cat Tom.

My Talking Tom for Android February 13, 2018

  • New fire uniform
  • Dragon head helmet: When wearing it, Tom cats can breathe fire like real dragons
  • Get diamonds: Join mini-games to open the box containing the sparkling rewards

Unlike humansounding games  The Talking Tom series and friends of the publisher OutFit7 in which players will talk and the animals will repeat your own words in a funny , funny voice , My Talking Tom for Android opens an experience More interactive, more comprehensive with cute cat Tom , directly on your Android smartphone and tablet.

Specifically designed for users who love pets, animals or children, My Talking Tom allows players to adopt a kitten of their own and named Tom. Your task is quite simple, let Tom eat, play with him and raise from a funny kitten, Tom will become a mature and intelligent cat.

The Tom cat in the game My Tom has become very familiar to simulation game lovers, animal lovers. Hopefully, Outfit7 will release more mini games and costumes for cats Tom next time.

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In My Talking Tom for Android, players also have the opportunity to test different fashion styles for Tom cat by trying out costumes in any combination you like, choosing from a diverse collection of colors, hat styles, and sunglasses. In addition, you can also decorate the home of this cute cat so that it becomes a cozy space.

Playing with funny cat Tom has never been so fun! See how they become part of your daily life!

The original Talking Tom group apps have been downloaded more than 500 million times and reached number 1 in 140 different countries around the world.

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The main feature of the game My Talking Tom for Android

  • Feeding your own cat Tom: playing games with cats, feeding cats his favorite food, putting them to bed on time …
  • Enjoy true emotions like in real life: My Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy or bored … The feelings of Tom cat always change depending on how you interact with him.
  • Unleash your creativity: create your own Tom cat model and unlike any prototype by choosing from 1000 ways to combine accessories, costumes and furniture in the house.
  • Interact with Tom cat : chat and Tom will repeat whatever you say. Push, hit and poke Tom and see his interesting reaction.
  • Video recording: Players can record videos of their own Talking Tom cat and share with friends and other players in the community.
  • Play 10 exciting mini-games: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop and more. Earn lots of gold coins and enjoy the exciting relaxing moments.
  • Visit My Talking Tom’s “home” of friends and other players: Admire the beautiful apartments and search for other Tom cats, explore treasures and earn lots of gold coins.
  • Get rewarded for reaching higher levels: Help the cat Tom overcome 9 different challenges and more than 999 levels to unlock new items and collect lots of money.

Information from developer:

  • My Talking Tom has been certified PRIVO. This means that the Outfi7 application developer is guaranteed to keep the child’s personal information confidential. My Talking Tom does not allow unauthorized sharing of information.
  • My Talking Tom also includes advertising its products, linking customers to websites and other developer apps; connect players with friends via social networks; watch videos of Outfit7’s cartoon characters via YouTube ; personalize content so that users can review it; optional use of IAP packages; items with different prices, depending on the player’s current level; option to access all the features of the application without requiring real money to be experienced.

Review game My Talking Tom virtual cat for Android

It can be said that My Talking Tom is an attractive game, suitable for many ages with simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and especially the main character My Tom cat knows how to express emotions like a real cat.


  • Easy to play, easy to control
  • Educational and suitable for many ages
  • Tom cat knows how to imitate and mimic human voice with a cute voice
  • Many attractive mini games
  • Clothing, utensils and rich food for Tom cat
  • The game supports many generations of devices, including low-end devices


  • Some items still require buying with real money
  • Asynchronous play progress between platforms
  • Many ads appear when turning on 3G or Wifi network

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