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My Boy! is a super fast and full-featured emulator that supports playing Game Boy Advance games on Android devices, from low-profile phones to modern tablets. This personal app simulates almost every aspect of real hardware.

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Salient features of My Boy app! for Android

  • Fast loading game speed, helps save the device’s battery to the maximum.
  • Game compatibility is quite high. The application can run almost all games without any problems.
  • Simulate cables on the same device or on devices via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Solar and Rumble gyro / tilt / solar sensors through hardware and vibrator sensors of Android devices.
  • Enter the GameShark / ActionReplay / CodeBreaker cheat codes and enable / disable them while playing.
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  • High-level BIOS simulation without BIOS files.
  • Patch IPS / UPS tail.
  • Rendering OpenGL, as well as normal rendering on devices without GPUs.
  • Powerful video filter through GLSL shader support.
  • Fast forward to skip a lengthy opening, as well as slow down the game to pass a level that you can’t win if run at normal speed.
  • Save games anytime with screen capture feature.
  • Sync with Google Drive . Play, save games on one device and continue on other devices.
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  • Simulate on-screen keyboard (multitouch requires Android device 2.0 or higher), as well as shortcut buttons like Load / Save.
  • Powerful screen layout editor, in which you can specify position and size for each on-screen control, as well as for video games.
  • Supports external controllers, such as MOGA controllers.
  • The user interface is clear, simple and well designed.
  • Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from the desktop.

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My Boy! Android has a clear, simple and well designed user interface


  • My Boy! for Android is the only emulator that supports cable simulation with stable speed.
  • Different from Dolphin Emulator and SuperRetro16 , My OldBoy! for Android does not come with Nintendo games. You need to save the game to your phone’s SD card and open them from within the app.
  • My OldBoy App! Android is not affiliated with an endorsement, endorsement, or license of any kind by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates, or subsidiaries.

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