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Mutated Mobs Mod for Minecraft adds 27 mobs to the Minecraft world, including 20 hostile mobs, 5 neutral mobs and 2 passive mobs. All of these mobs possess special attributes and abilities compared to the old mobs.

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The player easily recognizes 27 mobs in Mutated Mobs Mod is a combination of mobs in the original Minecraft game. So they will be stronger and have special abilities, which you can’t see in the old mob system. Note, Mutated Mobs Mod 1.12.2 / 1.12.1 only supports the latest 1.12 Minecraft version and is installed via Minecraft Forge.

Some typical mobs in Mutated Mobs Mod

Blaze Skeleton:

  • There are 50HP.
  • Ability to withstand fire.
  • Shoot fire arrows.
  • Can fly, when falling does not hurt.
  • Strengthens damage as an enemy.
  • Destroyed by water.
  • When destroyed, the mob releases fire sticks, bones and arrows.

Download Mutated Mobs Mod for Windows 2

Ender Golem:

  • There are 140HP.
  • Do not get hurt when falling.
  • Can pick up and throw TNT.
  • Can pick up any rare or useful block.
  • Act like Iron Golem.
  • Can teleport around.
  • Resistant to water and bullets.
  • Will attack when you look at it.

Ender Skeleton:

  • There are 60HP.
  • Teleport around like Enderman.
  • Can produce weapons or bows.
  • Can not burn at day time.
  • Can be teleported everywhere.
  • Release the bone, arrow, Ender pearl.

Zombie (Spider) Pigman:

  • There are 36HP.
  • Resistant to fire.
  • When angry will attack the target.
  • There are 2 types: small and mature.
  • A neutral form of mob.
  • Attack the enemy in the form of poisonous spiders.
  • Can climb the wall.
  • Spitting yellow lumps, strings, spider eyes, earning gold.

Download Mutated Mobs Mod for Windows 3

Shulker Ghast:

  • There are 40HP.
  • Act like a ghost (Ghast).
  • Can shoot up to 10 Shulker bullets.
  • Small as 1/2 Ghast.
  • Release ghost tears.

Slime Creeper:

  • There are 4HP at the current size.
  • Act like vines.
  • The explosion range depends on the current size.
  • Can split into many smaller vines when dying.
  • Speed is 2 times faster than regular creepers.
  • Release Slimeball, gunpowder.
In addition, there are many other mutant mobs that help the war in Minecraft world become more lively and thrilling!
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