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Suffering war for a long time, the mushroom kingdom began to collapse. The plague arose and a lot of mushrooms died because of it and they were completely exhausted. A wave of bad thoughts and viruses swept through the kingdom. Eventually, new species began their presence and arose a conflict between good and bad mushrooms. Your mission is to protect the mushroom kingdom from the badly infected fungi. Please save the good mushrooms.

Mushroom War for Android is a game of the war defense genre, where your soldiers act as mobile towers and defend the base by attacking enemies. The goal is very simple, players need to form enough troops at the right time to destroy the enemy base.

You will start this free game with the basis of fighting with Fist mushrooms and you will have to buy other army of mushrooms with diamonds when unlocking them. These armies include Archers, Shield, Ninja, Wizard, Cavalry, Mercenary, Crossbow and Big Shield Mushrooms . So, there will be logical content to unlock when the player reaches a certain round. In fact, the large number of locked characters is the reason why this game appeals to many people.

Other notable points include: a rolling bomb capable of detonating a group of enemies, upgrading towers to increase production unit ratio, capacity and recovery time.

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Main function:

  • Overcoming 100 goals.
  • Operation is simple and easy.
  • Lots of tactics to defeat the enemy.
  • Game play easy to cause grinding.

How to play:

  • Save weapons points and arrange the army of mushrooms to fight the infected mushrooms.
  • It is possible to upgrade weapons, armies and the ability of weapon points by upgrading towers.

Army introduction:

  • Short distance units: Fist, ninja and mercenaries.
  • Long distance units: Archer, wizard and crossbow mushroom.
  • Protect units: Shields, cavalry and large shield mushrooms.

Tips when playing Mushroom War game

  • Access the game daily and you will collect 100 diamonds for free. They are very important in upgrading the army.
  • The Archers are one of the best, so buy them when you can. The reason these warriors are good is because they will be hard to touch if they are in a group (the destructive power of a group of arrows is enough to destroy an entire army as soon as they appear. , they will not be able to cause any damage to your army).
  • Buying and upgrading archers to the highest level will help you destroy all the levels in item 1.
  • Players can see that the computer will send a series of enemies and a large bomb when you reach the base and their base is only 50% health. A good solution for this situation is to send rolling bombs to destroy the enemy’s defense. However, this is also difficult to do because the bomb needs to roll enough distance to the enemy base and you need to drop it before you see the enemy counterattack. This depends heavily on luck and experience to calculate the right time.
  • At the moment the player is losing, you cannot buy / upgrade your army but still know that you will lose the battle of the enemy, this is understandable: Your wave may be create havoc, but it must be a memorable event. To be able to perform the last hit, players should drain the opponent’s energy before launching the final series. You do this by playing the game calmly and controlling everything. This does not mean that you only disturb the enemy with a single army. Please send to the 2-armed battlefield with 3 infantry and allow them to find their own way to the enemy’s base and create a little destruction. Keep doing this until you undercut the opponent’s energy at least below 50% (more is better). Then, launch the last big step and wait for the victory to occur.
  • If not, if you continue to fail, then come back daily to get free diamonds and play easier levels to accumulate this gem. After that, use diamonds to buy new armies and upgrade existing ones. Buying more troops is more important than upgrading because it allows you to quickly create an army.
  • Concerning the upgrading of towers, the efficiency of production and reclamation is very low and it is difficult to perceive benefits from this due to the very expensive upgrade cost. So, players should only think of upgrading when you have a mighty army.

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