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Muse Dash for Android is an independent music game produced by PeroPeroGames, a game company from China. The game is a perfect combination of interesting parkour style and traditional music game.

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Muse Dash for Android is an interesting and engaging music game

The setting of Muse Dash is beautifully hand-drawn and each stage has its own enemies and bosses. However, there is not much difference between stages because there are only four different stages. Muse Dash has three characters: Rin (playing Bass), Buro (Loli holding a giant bear) and Marija (playing the violin), each character is designed extremely cute and has a set of techniques. Special skills to defeat the enemies as well as overcome music challenges.

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Muse Dash is a perfect combination of parkour game and traditional music game

Control of Muse Dash for Android is really very simple. Tap on the right of the screen to attack enemies on the ground, or press the left to attack enemies in the air and avoid obstacles. At first, the game seems easy for you to get used to the controls, but the longer you play, the more difficult the game will increase, causing you to constantly touch the screen.

In the adventure game Muse Dash , players can choose songs to play and set the difficulty level. Each difficulty level has its own requirements that you need to try to achieve, such as deflecting the boss’s attacks completely or not slipping the opponent more than 5 times. After the game screen is finished, the game will calculate your score, rank rating and accuracy.

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The game has 30 exciting background music composed by famous musicians

In addition, when passing a level, players will receive experience points to level up, collect items or unlock more new skins. Each skin has its own special effects, depending on your favorite style of play, such as choosing a difficult level to access big rewards (even with a high score risk) or choosing an easy game mode to Receive less damage from enemies.

Muse Dash Android stands out with minimal 2D graphics but still remains adorable and lively. The setting and environment in the game look like it was taken from a Japanese animated film filled with cute characters, formidable foes and most importantly, the charismatic music.

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Muse Dash for Android owns a beautiful image system in the style of Anime

Currently, the game has a total of 30 songs composed by musicians from Japan, China and Taiwan, making Muse Dash look like a great soundtrack album. Elements in the game are also perfectly synchronized to the melody of the music.

If you love rhythm games with cute Anime graphics like BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! or Revue Starlight Re LIVE , you should not miss this fun game. Choose your favorite character and start the journey to defeat all the giant monsters in Muse Dash for Android !

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The game has simple controls but the higher the level, the higher the difficulty level

Salient features of the game Muse Dash for Android

  • A perfect combination of parkour game and traditional music game.
  • Graphic system bold fashion and unique.
  • There are 30 famous songs. New tracks will be updated continuously.
  • Various genres of music for different environments, contexts, enemies and bosses.
  • Stunning characters, adorable pets and formidable foes. Surely you will be impressed by the bosses.
  • The plot and script are well designed.
  • Supported languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean.

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Enter an exciting musical adventure in the game Muse Dash for Android

Muse Dash Android is a fun rhythm game with catchy background music, great graphics and impressive character design. Download the game today and immerse yourself in an exciting musical adventure!

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