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Want to enjoy your favorite movies, songs – constantly updated, or search and download everything shared online from around the world? Not only that, you can listen to the radio and download files at a fast speed while using the built-in search engine … And you can do many other things with a tool called MP3 Rocket 6.1.

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After launching MP3 Rocket, from the main interface, you will see the tags corresponding to each feature of this versatile toolkit.

Search (find and download files):

From the left corner of MP3 Rocket’s interface, click the Search button. In the window below, click each topic below the Select Search Type box . You only need to enter the keyword text into the details box in the drop down window. For example, select Programs , then type keywords to limit the search to the items below such as Name (program name), Platform (operating system) … Then, click Search to let the program start. search head. Results will be displayed very quickly in the middle of the interface. To download the files that you have selected from the search results, click on Download from the right-clicking menu. The selected files will be downloaded at the bottom of the main interface. If you want to access the folder containing these files, click the Explorer button.

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Popular Downloads (Popular downloads):

At this card, you will see right below are 3 additional cards: Music (music), Video (video clip) and Picture (picture). You can choose the mode of displaying results in Sort by (with the options: Most Popular – many people download, Vote – highly voted or Quality – high quality). If you need to download what you like, simply right-click on the file and select Download .

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Torrent (Download Torrent file quickly):

The shared torrent files will be listed in detail in the middle of the interface. You can refer to the information about torrent files that are of great interest and download (Top Torrent Downloads), at the bottom of the window is the file name (Name), classification (Category), size (Size). … If you want to search for more specific things, you can browse to the Category window on the left. It introduces the 200 most downloaded files covering many fields and specialties. After finding what you need, simply click on the file name and then click the Download button. When the window appears, click OK . Immediately MP3 Rocket will catch links from the hosts with the highest bandwidth to download files for you (back to the main interface of MP3 Rocket).

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My Downloads (Where to save the downloaded files):

This is the directory containing all the things you have downloaded to your computer. You can change this folder path by clicking Tools menu> selecting Options . In this window, click the Saving button. Then click Browse and point the path to where you want.

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Watch TV (Watch TV online):

Here, you can watch TV from many TV channels that are streamed continuously and for free. You can select your favorite TV channels by entering keywords directly in the Search box or selecting the option tags such as: category (Category), select specific country (Country) … In particular, you can watch get dozens of TV channels from Vietnam.

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Radio (Listen to online radio):

With hundreds of channels sorted by topic, genre (Genre), you can also choose the programs that are most appreciated, most interested (Sort). If you want to be faster, type the keyword directly into the Search box. For your favorite channels, you can recall them by clicking on Add To Favoristes .

Games (Collection of online games):

Thousands of interesting games classified by each field (Genre), country (Country) … You can also search for games by search engine. When you choose a game like that, you just need to click on the game name and wait for the program to load in the main interface window.

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