Download MomentCam for Android APK

MomentCam is an entertainment application that brings joy to your daily life.

Just download the app, launch, capture and select photos and turn them into personalized caricatures. You can edit faces with built-in features (beards, glasses, hats, expressions). You can then share with your friends or share them on personal websites like Facebook or Twitter.

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Whether you have a creative mind or a sense of humor, MomentCam will allow you to express yourself in a fun way. Anime versions are waiting for you, if you like cosplay and manga or comics then you will definitely love MomentCam. Don’t miss out on daily updates from the store, the fun will never end.

Thanks to MomentCam, you can create personalized animated emoticons.

Key features of MomentCam:

  • Insert text bubbles: add space for you to say funny words
  • Exclusive: use Monie Beans to convert
  • Contacts: easily create and use personalized cartoon caricatures as images for phone contacts directly from the app
  • Turn yourself into a funny cartoon with emoticons
  • Share photos and animated emotions on Facebook, Twitter, Istagram.
  • Face Express: You can now change facial expressions in the Face Edit tab to express sad emotions, crying, kissing and more.
  • Discover and enjoy various themes from Manga / Anime
  • Save memory: save photos to SD card


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