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Minecraft is survival and tactical game combined with construction published by Mojang. Minecraft is known for two different names: Minecraft PE (or Pocket Edition ) and Minecraft PC.

Minecraft lôi cuốn và có tính gây nghiện cao Download Minecraft to your computer to build your own dream city

In Minecraft 1.14.4 game you will discover the world of magic blocks, you will do everything from fighting to survive, to eat, to build houses … The special thing is that everything in Minecraft is formed from The blocky, allows players to spoil the creative architecture of their own ideas. Minecraft for PC inspired by Infiniminer game and created by Swedish programmer: Markus Persson and then released by Mojang. The latest version of Minecraft is called World of Color Update, with many colorful updates for the open world, updating the Logo in the game and fixing other bugs for Minecraft: Java Edition on the computer. Mine craft is an interesting and unique construction game that attracts a lot of players, especially playing on a PC. So far, more than 18 million people have bought PC / Mac versions of this game to their computers. In Minecraft, gamers will have the opportunity to learn how to build and survive in a vast world with lots of interesting things waiting for them ahead. Besides building, Minecraft players also have the opportunity to experience various industries such as woodcutter, farmer, animal husbandry, or have to do many other things to be able to survive in this large world.

Minecraft - Game những khối vuông kỳ diệu Download Minecraft and try your design to build brilliant buildings

The game mode in Minecraft game

  • Survival mode: Search resources, create, increase levels, vitality and earn food to survive.
  • Super hard game mode: Like survival mode but only one life.
  • Creative game mode: Unlimited resources, can fly freely and break blocks immediately.
Minecraft PC is a highly creative and entertaining strategy game that helps players train their minds through diverse tasks in the game. Not simply building a house or city, Minecraft players also have to perform many missions to survive in this wonderful virtual world !!

Gây những khối vuông kỳ diệu trong Minecraft Build support rail system in Minecraft game to transport goods more conveniently

The map creation system of Minecraft computers is rich and appealing to players who want to explore. At the beginning, the player will appear in a vast area with lots of trees, deserts, beasts … Besides, there are also creepy caves that attract players, because they contain very large Many minerals are useful for mining such as iron, coal and gold. During the day, it is an ideal time to go sightseeing, to cut trees or to grow rice. At night is a nightmare for players. In order to survive, they need to make shelter because when night falls because more fierce monsters will appear. The first task is that the player has to go get the wood. In this game, you can play in Vietnamese mode, this is really useful for those who have never played Minecraft before because it will help them more easily track. While this great game possesses an eye-catching graphical interface but other similar games, its gameplay is really appealing and highly addictive. Therefore, sometimes you cannot judge a game with a simple graphic is not good if you have not tried it.

Download Minecraft for Windows 1 When the darkness gradually descends, seek shelter

Before night falls, players need to find shelter because in the dark there are many interesting things outside, such as having some moving skeletons, spiders or zombies around and still worth Fear is waiting for them ahead. They can use wooden hoes to dig burrows, this is the basic, first and essential item in this construction game. After that, the player can build a house to take shelter. Once the tent was built to sleep, their next task was to go find food for dinner, for example, sheep, cows, pigs … Most of these Minecraft download beginners often find it difficult to find their way home when looking around for food. A small note for Minecraft players is that we should not hit the dog when they appear with the pack because it will be easily attacked by all of them. In the process of searching for food, you may encounter cows, which provide both meat and cloth to make clothes. If unfortunately, you get lost and can’t find the cave, use a wooden pickaxe to dig a new cave! After that, make a bed to sleep, a table, a stove to cook food, coal lightens up the room and warms it up, or creates a stone pickaxe that can dig more valuable things, like stone and coal. , iron … From the beef we earn, you can create your favorite steak.

Điểm mới ở Minecraft 1.13

Next, gamers also have the opportunity to become a true farmer, look for land, seeds, seedlings and suitable location for farming. Avoid creepers because it has the ability to explode and cause you to lose a lot of blood. And there are many interesting things waiting for the player ahead. Download this Minecraft game to your computer and experience it yourself! In addition to the familiar villagers, players will now see the cartographer in the library. Players can save the emeralds (emeralds) struggling to get maps to interesting places like Ocean Monument and the new Woodland Mansion. Dark Dungeon created by random algorithms in Minecraft game is now inhabited by Illager – distant relatives of the villagers. These cunning and frightening characters will not tolerate anyone who wants to invade their territory. Therefore, players should be prepared to participate in fierce battles when venturing here to search for the castle’s treasure. Players will be assisted in their journey when Minecraft launches Cartographer – a new Villager that allows players to use the emeralds they can save to get a map of the locations of the distilled places. Hide the treasure. However, players are not easy to get rewards in these locations! Some maps can lead the player to the mysterious Ocean Monument location patrolled by the Guardians. Other maps can lead to Woodland Mansions – a new site occupied by Illager. This is a very scary relative of Villager character. The aforementioned and mischievous relatives do not welcome the appearance of strangers. Therefore, players should pay attention to spells that create scary traps from the floor or the hideous demon summoning magic named Vexes. If surviving through all dangers, the player will realize that Woodland Mansion contains an amazing reward called Totem of Undying. When holding this item on hand, the player can face all dangers without feeling scared at all. If you accidentally fall, Totem of Undying items will bring the character back from the abyss of death. Players will feel very relieved!

Xây dựng những ngôi nhà theo sở thích của bạn trong Minecraft Download Minecraft and build houses to your liking

However, how can the player transport all the great items? Perhaps there is simply a way to give llama! This noble ruminant will form a caravan that players can lead through lands. They can also wear beautiful clothes, have easy characters so they can chase harassers and shoot paper bullets. If their inventory is not enough to meet transport needs, players may consider wrapping items with Shulker Box – a special chest that can protect items inside even if they have been break. This chest will definitely work!

Features change in the latest Minecraft versions

Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14.4

  • Fix bug
  • Improve the performance
  • Secret casseroles from poppy plants will give players night vision instead of speed.
  • Additional reports / debugging for players to have more detailed information.
  • Fix memory leaks.
  • Delete the camera axis at the first view.
  • Improve load of wood blocks when moving at high speed.
  • Fixed an incorrect Pillager layout error.
  • / reload and / forceload now available with master games.
  • function-permission-level is a new installation in, command-line access control.
Minecraft 1.14.4
  • Villagers can now store more items.
  • Villagers will now remember the bronze after becoming a Zombie Villager.
  • Improve performance of Villager road search.
  • Villager can now work without reserve at the same time.
  • Rumors about players turning into zombie residents will now last longer.
  • The Player Activity button on the Realm screen has been deleted.
  • The villagers who were waiting for data to wait until they had a transaction should be restocked.
  • The encirclement of villagers no longer occurs in the mushroom island.
  • Mob will no longer find its way through the bamboo forest.
  • Add human sound.
Minecraft 1.14.4

Minecraft 1.14.3

  • Change
    • Now players can edit widgets by making them again.
    • Revert back the magic system like the previous version.
    • Flashlight, lanterns and pressed plates can now be placed on grass and iron bars.
    • Lanterns can now attach underneath iron bars and lawns.
    • The game no longer requires saturation for the upgrade “How did we get here?”.
    • Now you can turn off the attacks with ‘/ gamerule disableRaids true’.
  • Change in patrol team
    • The defense counsels are no longer members of the patrol team.
    • Duplicate the minimum time to produce from more than 5 (up to 1) minutes to 10+ (up to 1) minutes.
    • Patrol teams no longer appear if the light level does not allow monsters to be born.
    • Patrol teams are now allowed to appear in any biome, except fungal communities.
  • Panicked villagers now have more opportunities to give birth to Iron Golem, and sometimes they can work & sleep.
  • “Last slept” and “last worked” are now saved correctly in Villager.
  • Farmers now spend more time cultivating when they are working.
  • Farmers can always give food, even if others don’t need it.
  • Improve the performance.
  • Fixes.

Minecraft 1.14.3 Pre-release

Minecraft 1.14.2

  • Recalculate the entire light source when the player opens the world saved for the first time in the previous version.
  • The error encountered when the zone load was saved in details to the log file.
  • Fix carrot birth on grass and not grass.
  • Add the log count on the server side to debug the screen.
  • Correct intrusion rate so that they can only appear in finished wood blocks.
  • Increase the radius to search for the bell when starting the raid from 48 to 64 blocks.
  • Fix the barrier of the gate barrier and Doorway.
  • Fixed an issue with entities pinning through blocks after moving through the last port.
  • Fixed a problem with self-generated light sources that did not work on some wooden blocks.
  • Fix bugs that can’t swim when hiding.
  • Fix the mouse pointer over the world to update, the game calls the current version as a snapshot even though it is an official update.
  • Fixed an issue where the distance traveled far away on the server caused the player to be pinned to the ground.
  • Fixed a server error that stopped responding after an account exit error.
  • Fix the error of the Hebrew word not assigned to the correct structure.
  • Fixed a bug when players had to crouch when swimming on the ceiling.
  • Fixed a sound loop when the villagers trade when clicking Shift.
  • Fixing Ender Dragon’s breath attack on the highest block is located at the center of the portal column.
  • Fixed an issue with no sound when the villagers chose the item.
  • Fix the monster Golem does not attack players when hitting the villagers.
  • Fixed a bug that ignored the maximum amount of items when using the new trade menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Ghost End” crystal still behind the regeneration zone Ender Dragon after being destroyed.
  • Correct the color error of the signal light if the grass color is not directly on the beacon.
  • Fix the error of losing the Shulker box name.
  • Fix mob problems that do not appear on the soul sand.
  • Fix the error of empty blank Shulker box in Creative mode, causing it to fall itself. Fix the error of the guard’s noise repeat.
  • Fix sound loss when villagers plant trees.
  • Fixed a problem with cutting Sandstone slabs not part of block cards.
  • Fix bugs, animals, villagers, frames, armor hangers … disappear.
  • Fix build errors and signal lights without upgrades.
  • Fix bug Wither attacks the immortal mob.
  • Fixed a bug when the camel was sold immediately disappeared from the egg.
  • Fixed the problem of grinding magic books without customizing the name.
  • Fix game bugs after breaking points of interest of villagers.
  • Fix the main FPS crash error after running mob for 30 minutes.
  • Fixing the fire arrow can light up the flooded camp.
  • Fixed an issue where the observer did not update the red stone properly.
  • Fix RegionFiles error does not close when deleted from the cache.

Cập nhật Minecraft 1.14.2 chính thức

Minecraft 1.14.2 Pre-release 3

  • Fixing spontaneous light source error does not work in some segments.
  • The entities cut through the blocks after moving through the final port.
  • You cannot swim while hiding.
  • When the mouse pointer over the world needs updating, the game determines the current version as a snapshot even if it is a release.
  • Moving long distances on the server can cause you to crash into the ground.
  • The server stops responding after exiting a failed account.
  • Fix the error while loading the zone, the diagnostic time will be saved to the log file.

Minecraft 1.14.2 Pre-release 3

Minecraft 1.14.2 Pre-realase 2

  • Fix the error of the Hebrew character not assigned to the proper structure.
  • The mistake of swimming to the ceiling causes the player to bow.
  • Fix carrot birth on grass blocks and not grass.
  • Add counting logs on the server to debug the screen.
  • Edit the bandit rate so they can only appear in full blocks.
  • Increase the search radius for the bell when starting an attack from 48 to 64 blocks.
  • Fixed many other errors.

Minecraft 1.14.2

Minecraft 1.14.2 Pre-realase 1

  • Fix sound repeat errors when village residents trade.
  • Dragon error correction Ender attacked the highest block placed at the center of the transit gate column.
  • There are no audio options when villagers choose items.
  • Iron golem monsters do not attack players when hitting the villagers.
  • The mob does not appear on the sound sand.
  • Loss of sound when villagers cultivate.
  • Wither attacks the dead mobs.
  • RegionFiles cannot be closed when they are deleted from the cache.
  • The observer does not update the redstone properly.
  • The main FPS dropped after running mob for 30 minutes.
  • The game hangs after breaking the point of interest of the villagers.
  • Fixing the fire arrows that can burn camps is submerged in water.
  • Building and setting milestones does not provide advanced improvements.

Minecraft 1.14.1 Pre-Release 2

  • Fixes
    • Redstone components sometimes update incorrectly.
    • Can download crossbows with air.
    • Villagers and iron Golem beasts are charged to passive mob cap.
    • The reproductive algorithm stops at chunk block contours.
    • Fire arrows can now light campfires.

Minecraft 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1

  • Fixes
    • Tame wolf cannot sit on mud blocks.
    • Reverse the execution command when using the function in some cases.
    • / tp uses the context of the context rather than the target entity.
    • The function tag is inconsistent when reloading and not complying with data packets.
    • Do not update observer status and blocks on the growing tree.
    • Giant mushroom blocks do not send block updates after development.
    • Indoor stairs do not touch the floor.
    • Mob tries to find his way through corners.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Cập nhật Minecraft mới nhất

Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 5

  • Optimize link portals: After the entity passes, currently, these ports will keep the other side loaded for 15 seconds.
  • Fix light errors.
  • Fix errors marking incorrect blocks.
  • Update credit game.

Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 4

  • Fixes.
  • Improve the performance.
  • Fix the red rock mine fire error causing the memory to leak.
  • Fix the problem of swallowing the bowl when eating soup.
  • Fixed an error with two incorrect logs taiga_meeting_point_2.
  • Fixed a problem where villagers did not come to work properly.
  • The Raid Bar disappears after being filled in the villages.
  • Fix the error of missing the GUI right of the villagers.
  • in the world directory causes the game to crash when clicking on the source package button.
  • Fixed an issue with a strange look after killing rabbits / chickens when jumping up.
  • Fixing the music slider error does not affect the volume.
  • Fixed a bug with mobs not affected by sunlight.
  • Fixed a bug with 20 health points.
  • Fix other errors.

Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 3

  • Fix errors that skeletons do not shoot players when looking for sun protection.
  • Recalculate sky light when placing aerial blocks by command / fill .
  • Fix the map table error not updating when cloned.
  • Fix spontaneous light source error in some blocks.
  • Fixed a bug that could be moved when sleeping.
  • Fix the mod bug to the village center and attack the air.
  • Fix the strange behavior of TNT.
  • Fixed an issue where animals cannot escape the water.
  • Fixed an issue where the light level decreased in the block when increasing Y level.

Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 2 & 1

  • Fixed a bug in the old version.
  • Perform some feature optimizations.
  • Inside the world screen, there is now an option to delete the cache data so that it is recalculated the next time it loads.

Cập nhật Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.14 update will be called The Village & Pillage Update with lots of interesting upgrades.

Update Village & Official Pillage

  • A lot of improved accessibility.
  • Add bamboo blocks to the game.
  • Add bamboo forest to the world.
  • Add fences, bells and sweet berry plants.
  • Add combustion chamber.
  • Rewrite books and edit pens for easier use.
  • Add campfire, map table.
  • Split cats and South American wild cats into separate species, and update new features for cats.
  • Add compost, crossbow bow, new decorative blocks and other first appearance blocks.
  • Add new blocks of Fletcching tables, medicines and flowers.
  • Add some suggestions from the community.
  • Update credit list.
  • Add error or feedback button.
  • Improved display so it works correctly in many cases as expected by users.
  • Added features for stone grinding, “Hero of the Village” effects, leather horse armor, lanterns, lectures, looms.
  • Now the player can build the current special banner template into a new gadget without being worn when used, called Banner Pattern.
  • Add new banner templates and “Globe” widgets, sound notes.
  • Add panda, fox.
  • Additional bandits, patrol teams, Ravager, wandering merchants, smoked workers …
  • Change the villagers
  • Add stone cutting machine, forging table.
  • Village structure based on community.
  • Many tweaks and other changes.

Minecraft 1.13.2

  • Improve world performance upgrades.
  • Improved boot time.
  • Improve the performance of finding paths for turtles.
  • Improved mob performance.
  • Improve other overall performance.
  • Fixed a bug where containers next to the wooden border may lose items when upgrading.
  • Fixed the problem of repeating the reduced mobs and rapid regeneration in high position on the Y axis (causing lag).
  • Fixed hostile and neutral mob errors on Z axis.
  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException throwing error when upgrading world.
  • Fix fault setting error when loading the world 1.8 in 1.13.
  • Error in the game crash when right-clicking a shulker box while holding the bone dish.
  • Fixing hatched egg errors does not produce valid entities, allowing the attribute command to execute in some cases.
  • Fix crash error when creating near the top of the world.
  • Fix crash errors when displaying block entities.

Cập nhật Minecraft mới nhất 1.13.2

In addition, the latest Minecraft version also contains many other interesting things. You must be a brave, adventurous person? Then discover yourself the interesting features left! You can download Minecraft to find out the new features of this great game version right now.
Game Minecraft Pocket Edition You can download Minecraft for mobile phones here: Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS Minecraft for Windows Phone  

List of new Mob creatures in Minecraft


  • As Villager’s relatives, it looks quite similar but possesses light gray skin and wears dark dresses
  • Illager includes 2 types: Evoker and Vindicator


  • Separate the arms when irritating and hold the iron ax (Iron Ax) in the dominant hand
  • Their ax can disable the shield
  • Aggressive with players and Villager characters
  • Appears in Woodland Mansions and does not revive
  • You can drop many emeralds (Emerald) and iron axes when you die


  • Added to the game as a late game challenge or small boss (mini boss)
  • The Totem of Undying item is dropped at all times and can even drop the emeralds
  • During the battle, they will summon creatures Vex and Fang to attack
  • Often raise your hand when using magic
  • Fang always inflicts 6 damage units (3 hearts), ignoring the armor
  • Aggressive with players and Villager
  • Appears on the upper two floors of Woodland Mansions and does not revive
  • Turn any green sheep in a 16-block radius into red


  • Only appears when summoned by Evoker
  • Looks like ghosts because they’re small, pale, can fly through blocks
  • Show red markers when preparing to attack
  • Attack players and Villager characters
  • Hold the iron sword (Iron Sword) at the right hand


  • Appears in Extreme Hills
  • Skin drop (Leather)
  • There are many different skins, such as cats and horses
  • Attack by spitting
  • If you hit them, they will spit once causing 1 unit of damage (equivalent to half a heart)
  • If not in the caravans, they are always aggressive towards wolves (Wolf)
  • A carpet can be covered to make saddles and chests
  • Different carpets will have different surface textures on saddles
  • The amount of storage available depends on Llama’s health
  • If using a rope, nearby Llama will be attracted and try to form a caravan that becomes indifferent to all other creatures.
Although Minecraft’s graphics are not as sparkling as some of the current games, but when playing games, players can freely create their own style, plus many unexpected and interesting situations that created strength. Smoking, attractions are not small for this game! When playing Minecraft game, you will be immersed in the vast, vast world, completely built up with all kinds of terrain, creative and able to play Minecraft games in both online Minecraft game mode and Minecraft game offline.
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