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Game magic blocks Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android, referred to as Minecraft for Android, has just launched a new version. Minecraft for Android adds many new features to change the experience of exploring the Minecraft world, and adds a multiplayer server on platforms.

As expected of a “cross-generation” game with over 50 million downloads on platforms. And so far, it continues to assert its position when it launches the Minecraft Pocket Edition version on Android. Does not bring terrible 3D graphics like current action or strategy games. But Minecraft still appeals to players because the gameplay is completely different, not restricting their creativity. Mobile Minecraft only needs to be paid once and you can play it on any Android device.

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The biggest strength of this version is the ability to play many people. You can enter your friends’ world easily and play with them through Realms. Realms is a server run by the publisher, helping bring Minecraft to the online world, allowing you to play anywhere, anytime. Only invited people can join your world. In this world, what you do is entirely up to you: build the world, compete with friends … This feature will allow players to try for 1 month. Currently, Minecraft Realms is only available on Minecraft versions for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition of mobile devices.

Video introduces new features Minecraft Realms in the game

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Try Minecraft Realms 1 month to play with friends on other platforms

Minecraft: Pocket Edition helps children develop intelligence through games

Initially, players build structures and protect them by fighting monsters at night. This is also an adventure with friends or watching the sunset on an ocean of blocks. Players fight the most horrible things at Nether. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if you like.

Pocket Edition includes 2 modes: survival (Survival) and creativity (Creative) ; Multiplayer mode when connected to Wi-Fi network. Don’t hesitate yet join the exciting adventure in the world of magical squares, where you can explore the endless world of caves, creatures, villages, monsters and more. again. Refine, create and explore anywhere in the Minecraft world whenever you’re free and your phone battery is full!

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In creative play mode, players can fly around the game world and build using unlimited resources. But the core gameplay here is: the remaining survival mode is where you can build on the ground (building blocks into castles, bridges, etc.) and the night brings hideous square monsters to tons. taper the player and destroy their creations. Minecraft has no storyline but the only advantage that you own to survive in a “destructive” environment at any time is your own creativity.

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Pocket version of Minecraft owns flexible controller with directional arrow and jump button at the center. The new version allows you to move more flexibly: press and hold the key up, drag the button left and right on both sides, you can also tilt or slide your thumb. It is also easier to attack the enemy circle during the fight. To interact with the world, you select the blocks with the “power finger (thumb) and press and hold to tap them. A glow appears around your thumb as you mine and collect minerals. Creative mode has a slightly different interface, allowing players to access a table containing all the blocks in the game. One of the Pocket Edition’s strongest points is its ability to connect multiple players over Wi-Fi. Everyone can jump in / out someone else’s world, easily select and start playing with friends.

What’s new in Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

Minecraft for Android 1.10

  • New blocks! Lantern, Loom, Lectern and Wood.
  • Equip yourself with crossbows and protective shields.
  • New cat skin – Jellie.
  • Climb to the top of Pillager in Creative Mode.
  • New Vanilla texture.

Minecraft for Android

  • Add many new lovely flowers: Valley of lilies and daisies.
  • More than 20 new stairs, billets, walls to satisfy your passion for construction.

Minecraft for Android 1.5.3

  • Update Aquatic
  • Collect turtle shells left behind by turtle babies to create Turtle Shell Helmet !.
  • Beware of new hostile forces: The Drowned !.
  • Collect heroic shells and flexible Conduit mode, giving you special underwater power.
  • Columns of bubbles push and lift you up from the ocean floor.
  • Dolphins will help you find a shipwreck if you feed them fish.

Minecraft PE for iPhone / iPad 1.2

  • Support multi-platform gaming, up to 8 players at the same time on Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox One and virtual reality.
  • Supplement the online multiplayer server system: add server browser to the main menu to connect social networks, play games and coordinate with millions of other gamers.
  • Lots of new features and new items like Parrot, Stained Glass, Banner, Armor Stand, Firework (with Elytra add-in), Ravine, Recipe Book, Book and Quill, Jukebox, Disc, Zombie Villager Spawn Egg and Coarse Dirt.
  • New world starting options: Starting Map, Bonus Chest and Trust Player.
  • New rules: TNT Explorer and Natural Regeneration.
  • Transform the world into yours from different versions.
  • Additional player rights, management options, new game download screen with many useful tips to play Minecraft in How To Play screen.
  • Redesign building blocks and 3D.

Minecraft PE for iPhone / iPad 1.1.5

  • Create your own Industrial Revolution with the new Victorian.
  • Fix broken clock and compass error after reconnecting.

Minecraft PE for iPhone / iPad 1.1

  • Supplement Llamas.
  • Introducing Marketplace: the best way to connect with the information world, including communication within the community.
  • Additional items home in the forest, combined with Illager and immortal mascot.
  • Add new Skyrim packages.
  • Talk to the cartographer to collect treasure maps and search for items in the Shulker box.
  • Frostwalking and Mending Enchantment will assist you in this new journey.
  • The creators of the open world can dye beds, melt metal bars and build new blocks: red tiles and concrete.
  • Additional 1 number of add-ons and rules in adventure mode.
  • Reduce the size of the game.

Guide to play Minecraft games

  1. To play all Mojang games you only need 1 account. Mojang account is the next step in Minecraft account. If you log into Minecraft with your username, you can move your game to the Mojang account at . If you sign in with your email address, you already have a Mojang account, you don’t need to migrate.
  2. Create a Mojang account at, fill in the information (email, password) and click “Register”; check your email account to confirm, click on the confirmation email sent from Mojang.
  3. The most common question is being able to move Mine: Pocket Edition from another device like from an iPhone to a Kindle or an Android device? Unfortunately, it is not possible to move the application to a device using different operating systems. If you deleted Minecraft: Pocket Edition and want to download it again using the account from the app store. Visit the app store on your device, search for Minecraft, and download it for free.
  4. Where to buy Minecraft?
  • Minecraft for PC: you can buy from for about $ 26.95. Just buy once for your account or buy codes to give to your friends. If you are hesitant to buy Minecraft or not, you can try the demo before deciding to buy. Mojang has many payment methods available. Please select your country when purchasing the game, and the website will automatically link the available payment methods. Minecraft prepaid cards are also available for selection in some countries.
  • Other versions: can be purchased at the store for equipment.
  • Discounts for educational institutions: if you represent a school, or organization wishing to use Minecraft for educational purposes, please visit MinecraftEdu for more information on discounts.

Refer to Introduction video and game instruction


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