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Minecraft Earth for Android is a new free AR game that continues the success of Pokemon Go and is also an extended version of Minecraft . The game will soon launch Beta versions in the near future for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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Although Mojang announced that Minecraft Earth will be available for iOS, the good news is that the game now has an official registration link on the Google Play Store . If you are a Minecraft fan and you are an Android user, register to download Minecraft Earth right through the Download button above.

Introducing Minecraft Earth game for Andoid

A few months have passed since we first heard of Minecraft Earth , an expanded version of the Minecraft game that makes the real world a playground of creative bricks created by yourself. Currently Mojang developer promises to release Beta version of Minecraft Earth game this summer.

The success of Pokémon Go has proven that augmented reality (AR) is a viable and extremely profitable option when deployed on mobile games. So it’s no surprise that Minecraft, another major gaming brand, is jumping into the AR craze with a smart new step in the way of building with Minecraft Earth for Android .

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Download Minecraft Earth game for Android

Minecraft Earth – AR version of the survival game combined with extremely famous building Minecraft, will “dock” iOS and Android in the near future. Like the regular version of Minecraft, you have the task of hunting for resources and building great constructions from pixel cubes. What makes Minecraft Earth Android so unique is that you will do all of this in the real world.

At E3 2019 in Los Angeles, Swedish developer Mojang promised that Minecraft Earth would bring a Minecraft experience. You can still make weapons and armor from rare materials, breed animals, grow crops, etc.While these activities may sound familiar to anyone who has ever played the original version, but the added AR element will make all these tasks more refreshing.

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It is also an aspect that makes Minecraft Earth for Android more like a game of intelligent technology, but more like a magic tool. You can explore your work as if it were a real place, using your phone or tablet to view and explore every corner of the digital world. Users can also continue to build or dig basements if desired.

Discover a new side of Minecraft as you craft, explore and survive in the real world. Join a community of builders and explorers spread across the planet, gather resources, build buildings through augmented reality and then adjust them to life size. You can even team up with others to join small-scale adventures.

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Because Mojang wants all Minecraft fans to be able to access and play Minecraft Earth no matter where they live, the game will not lock the content of specific geographic locations (like the way Pokémon Go did with certain creatures). The studio wants all players to have the same experience.

Guide to play Minecraft Earth game for Android

Minecraft Earth game has the same gameplay as Minecraft – building unique pixel constructions by exploiting resources, but instead of a closed virtual world, players will create in the real world through AR technology. Like Pokemon Go, you’ll see digital building elements in the real world and interact with them in a variety of ways. Minecraft Earth makes a difference by allowing players to build buildings that exist forever.

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Build great creative works with the game Minecraft Earth for Android

In Minecraft Earth Android , you can collaborate with friends using the Build Plates tool. Your creativity can be built on a flat surface through the phone screen. Once completed, the buildings will be placed in the AR world for everyone to admire.

Before starting to build in Minecraft Earth , you will be tasked with exploring the real world to collect resources and complete challenges. Players will also need to hone their survival skills – engage in battle with a hostile mob just like in Minecraft. All of these activities can be done alone or with friends.

Minecraft Earth for Android also provides small tasks that you can collaborate with other players. Familiar enemies such as skeletons, vines, zombies, etc. will appear in the house, and you will have to fight them with swords and bows and arrows. Joining these adventures is the only way to get some rare building materials in the game.

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Discover many unique mobs and use them to build your own constructions

Salient features of the game Minecraft Earth for Android

  • Build great creative works in your device and bring them to the real world in real size.
  • Collaborate with other builders and create masterpieces.
  • Discover a whole new side of your local neighborhood by creating great works and watch it grow over time.
  • Discover many unique mobs like Muddy Pig and Moobloom, then use them to build your own buildings.
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