Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Android .APK

The legendary Solitaire card game on Windows for over 25 years is now available on both Android and iOS platforms for free for players to experience.

Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Android .APK 1Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Android .APK 2
5 classic game modes in the same game

Microsoft Solitaire Collection, also known as Solitaire game is the card game of Microsolf most played on the computer, integrating up to 5 versions of Solitaire in one, allowing gamers to choose any type of game they love. prefer. Currently the game has 119 million players worldwide, mainly on Windows 8 and Windows 10. With the move to expand to mobile platforms, the manufacturer hopes to attract more gamers to join the experience. .

Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes 5 mini games like Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Tripeaks and daily challenges. Most games are easy to play, simple. The game is also built with Xbox Live, so users can log in to Solitaire and play with friends or earn rewards.

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Experience the game Spider and FreeCell right on the phone

The game is free to download and play. However, if you want to not be bothered by advertising, you can buy the premium version for $ 1.99, and get more pennies in daily challenges as well as increase the performance of the game.

[NOTE] : To commemorate the launch of the game on mobile platforms, the manufacturer allows users to experience the premium version completely free for a month : No ads, receive a number of coins double in daily challenges. The promotion period for free premium version ends on 12/31/2016 .

Outstanding features of the game Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Android

The games in Microsoft Solitaire Collection are quite simple and easy to play, so anyone can get acquainted quickly. Just a little brainstorming and a reasonable strategy, you can easily become the geek gamers in Solitaire.

Game Klondike

This is a timeless game and follows the classic Solitaire style. Your task is to disappear the cards on the table with only 1 to 3 draws. The game uses the traditional scoring method or according to Vegas.

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The mini games have simple, attractive and addictive gameplay

Game Spider

8 columns are waiting for you in this mini game. Delete them all from the board with as few moves as possible. You can try a single card or challenge all four cards.

FreeCell Game

In this game, if you want to win, the player must have a specific strategy. Use the outside 4 boxes to move the cards back and forth and try to clean the cards on the board. FreeCell also rewards those who think of a few moves ahead.

Tripeaks game

Choose the cards and arrange them in a sequence from small to large or from large to small to receive combo combos. Try to remove as many cards as possible.

Pyramid Game

Combine the two cards together so that their sum is 13 to eliminate them from the table. Can you overcome the challenge and climb to the top of the Pyramid?

Daily challenges.

The daily challenges are completely new in the 5 game modes above and include 4 levels with different difficulty levels. If you complete the challenge, you will earn badges and rewards.

Xbox Live support

Log in with your Microsoft account to earn more rewards with Xbox Live and compete with friends or family members. You can also continue playing games on compatible Windows 10 or Android devices while ensuring the playing process because all data is saved in the cloud.

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