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Miami Zombies is a sequel to the story of the Marine hero who killed the Zombie developed by Freegamepick. This game was developed by the game itself from the famous Bath Salts Zombies .

Miami Zombies gives players a new and more challenging experience for the mortal battle between brave Zombie and Marine. After many fierce battles with these zombies, Marine passed them to drive to 95th Avenue in southern Florida and met his girlfriend. However, his car was thrown out of the main road and Zombie continued to appear. This time, the living corpses have been much more hungry and fierce for days. They attacked Marine more fiercely, causing him to change strategy. Thankfully, the support of the girlfriend and the new weapons will be a lever for Marine to completely destroy these zombies and bring peace back to the beautiful Miami village.

Download Miami Zombies for Windows 1

Remember, zombies are bloodthirsty demons. Do not let them approach and touch you. Once this happens, your energy will disappear and your ability to lose is inevitable.

Download Miami Zombies for Windows 2

In this improved version, Miami Zombies will provide players with a more modern arsenal of new guns like Magnum.45 Cal, shotguns, Mini Uzi, M16 Rifle, SMR, Charing gun, DURL .50. Cal and another secret weapon. However, to upgrade guns, players need to collect enough diamonds in each turn and complete the required tasks.

New point of Miami Zombies

  • 4 new battle areas: Beach (beach), City (City), Park (Park) and Secret Zone (Secret Zone).
  • The player will start with the Magnum.45 Cal.
  • Support for new helicopters and nuclear weapons.
  • The guns will be provided according to the level and level that the player passes.
  • Survival mode is where the Zombie will appear in series and the player must shoot continuously. If you are confident with your abilities, don’t skip this part.

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