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Merge Ships for Android is an addictive naval game based on the popular gameplay of clicker games and building an “idle” empire .

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Have you ever wanted to become a captain, drive a ship in the ocean, travel around the world, collect unique warships, earn a lot of gold and become the most notorious captain in the world? If the answer is yes, download and play Merge Ships – the new and free matching game now!

Merge Ships for Android simulation game has super simple and easy gameplay, like other match-2 games combining other items such as Merge Racer , Merge Heroes , Merge Star , Merge Plane , Merge Gems! , … Become a captain, start with simple boats and merge them to form a bigger new battleship. Use ships to earn money and continue exploring other unique battleships.

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Become the best captain and unlock many new ships in Merge Ships Android

Salient features of the game Merge Ships for Android

  • The driver is simple and intuitive.
  • Beautiful, colorful graphics system with impressive visual effects.
  • Combine the same ships to create a better, bigger ship and put it in the sea race to make the most money possible.
  • Expand your seas and ports by unlocking new levels.
  • Get free ships or gift boxes to compete with other players in Tournament mode.
  • Use boosters or acceleration to create an advantage in races.
  • Collect a variety of boats such as cruisers, tankers, yachts, jets, or even warships and aircraft carriers.
  • Can play Merge Ships offline, earn money even after exiting the game.

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Use ships to earn money and explore other unique battleships in Merge Ships

Clicker Merge Ships Android will take you on a wonderful and exciting sea adventure. Merge, build, upgrade and develop your own fleet. Become the best player in the match-2 game genre! Make money, get rich and become a billionaire!

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