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Meitu for Android, formerly known as MeituPic, is an outstanding photo and photo editing application with 50 beautiful filters and powerful Retouch (beauty) feature, helping you easily get the mold. angelic face. Download Meitu now to your computer and feel the power of this “divine” photo makeup tool.

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SelfieCity , Beauty Camera , PosterLabs and MakeupPlus are Xiamen Meitu’s famous photo processing applications that stand out with powerful photo beauty features and this has been proven by millions of users around the world. In addition to these tools, the company recently released a new image editing and editing tool called Meitu with more than 50 built-in filters and a “divine” photo Retouch feature. As revealed by the company, more than 500 million MeituPic users have so far and this number is probably not yet stopped.

Feature updates in Meitu application

  • Anime Avatar: Support for more detailed adjustments, adjust the Anime characters for you.
  • Customize sticker: Add a dashed line effect, giving you the freedom to create.
  • Cute photos: Add AR recognition gestures, interactivity to increase the fun.
  • Photo frame: Add auxiliary lines, rotate, move photos and align more conveniently.

Using AI to analyze skin color, age, gender, Meitu will automatically adjust for beautiful shimmering selfies. Moreover, the Magical AI feature also helps to improve the quality of group selfies such as whitening teeth, removing puffiness, smoothing the skin and built-in many beautiful image filters.

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The main feature of photo editing application Meitu for Android

Very strong Retouch

  • Automatic Retouch: Automatically whitens skin and eyes with a single touch.
  • Removes pigmentation, dark spots, acne ….., helps optimize the skin and makes your face more beautiful.
  • Slim body, help you have a model-like body in a blink of an eye.
  • Eliminates dark circles, puffiness, red eyes.
  • Extending the legs is very simple.

Perfect set of photo editing tools

  • Meitu is integrated with a variety of effects and photo frames, making it easy to get the picture you want.
  • Support for basic and advanced photo editing tools.


  • Collage with different frame rates comes with many styles to choose from: Template, FreeStyle, Posters and PicStrips.

FX Camera

  • FX Camera includes over 50 filters in real time, helping you take photos like a professional photographer.


  • Personalize photos with multiple frames, background, brushes and filters for free, constantly updated weekly.


  • Easily share photos to Facebook , Instagram , WeChat ….

Important note:

Meitu is free but also includes in-app advertising. Users can disable this feature in the settings of the device.

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