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MediBang Paint for iOS 17.2 is a free electronic comic drawing application and is compatible with many platforms. This is a very modern software, integrated with a series of smart drawing tools, especially suitable for those who love drawing manga, chi bi or cartoon paintings.

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MediBang Paint is a very useful application and especially for young people who love painting. This is a modern, professional tool and now supports almost all platforms, including PC and mobile. Although the new official on the market not long but MediBang Paint has quickly attracted the attention of a series of users.

The first highlight when it comes to MediBang Paint is that this tool allows you to draw new or edit existing paintings. Once installed and launched, the application interface will display with a variety of drawing options, scientifically arranged above and below the screen. User can change color by selecting color scheme; change striped / horizontal / grid background; use sample images from the gallery; delete, rotate, crop … photos; import photos from gallery; add content with the ability to customize the font and font size ….. In addition, MediBang Paint also allows saving projects to the cloud or sharing with friends right in the application.

Features of Manga MediBang Paint painting application for Android

Unleash your imagination with MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint helps you make everything in your imagination come true on smarphone and tablet screens. This tool has a friendly interface and all the features are arranged on the interface. The other thing you need to do is explore and take advantage of all the features it offers.

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Optimized with a stylus

MediBang Paint uses a simple graphic technique, so it is suitable when you use the stylus pen for tablets.

Store to the cloud

MediBang Paint provides cloud storage service, allowing users to store completed and unfinished projects to work anytime, anywhere.

Teamwork and sharing

MediBang Paint allows users to create groups with others, share files and work together on comic projects easily.

Improved comic book drawing toolkit

MediBang Paint owns a lot of backgrounds available, sketches, pattern paper or you can also download more from the store. In addition, the application also makes it easy for users to create picture pages and arrange them appropriately.

Completely free drawing resources

  • Make the most of your collection of 850 tones, textures, backgrounds and word balloons (speech bubbles). Many types of pens such as pencils, brushes, water pens …
  • MediBang Paint uses HSV color system with 3 basic figures, namely H (Hue – color area), S (Saturation – color saturation) and V (Bright or Value- brightness).

Create frames easily

Just drag a canvas image, users can split a frame into many different frames, convert or add colors to the frame after creating them.

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Other function

  • Users can take photos and open them as a separate layer. After that, create a new layer on top of the old one to copy the opened image.
  • Add speech or enter more text in the image.
  • Imported image formats: MDP, PNG and JPG.
  • Export image formats: MDP, PNG, JPG and PSD.

From the main interface of the application, touch Create to start a new painting. With a pop-up display, users can choose width, height DPI, size and background type. If you already have a picture and wish to edit it further, touch the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add a new page, add a copy or import a PNG / JPG image on your device into the application.

Users should login or register for a MediBang Paint account by swiping from the start screen to the right to view menu => Login . Logging in to the app will allow you to download templates, store to the cloud and more. The developer recommends that users save the work schedule regularly to avoid data loss.

With these powerful features, it can be said that MediBang Paint is a very professional, modern and stylish painting application. This is a particularly useful software for people who work in the field of comic book design, creative and all who love drawing and animation.

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