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Media Hide for Android – Software to hide images and videos

Media Hide is a free software that helps you keep your photos and videos private, which no one can view without your permission. Do you have pictures or video clips on your phone that you do not want your friends, colleagues or children to see? You will keep the media files before prying eyes with Media Hide.

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Hide files in the Media Hide application
1. Open the Media Hide application.
2. Select Select Media To Hide at the bottom of the screen
3. To hide an image or video, press and hold until a menu pops up, then select the Hide option, or click the image to view and press the Hide button that appears at the top of the page.
4. To hide multiple files at once, select the check mark at the top of the screen in the gallery view to select multiple selection mode. Touch the desired item to mark unhide, or click Select All at the bottom to select all items. Click the Hide button to hide all selected items. You can use the back button or touch the check marks again to exit multi-select mode.
5. Click View Hidden Media at the bottom to see all the files you have hidden.

Hide in your gallery
1. Open your collection.
2. Open the image and video you want to hide.
3. Select the Share option.
4. Select the file to hide from the list.
5. Wait for Media Hide to finish importing and hiding your selected files.

1. Touch the gear icon at the top right of the screen.
2. Adjust the settings as desired.

Change the image view
At the top left of the screen, click the “grid” and “list” icons to switch between the two views.

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