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MathType 7.4.4 is a rich mathematical formula editor, compatible with most office suites, making it easy to create mathematical characters and formulas on any text editor. MS Office, OpenOffice, Gmail, TeX, LaTeX, MathML, etc.

MathType comes with a very rich collection of symbols, expressions, series of equations, automatic formatting and instant editing. Formulas created with MathType can be exported to web pages, desktops, or inserted into editors.

Download MathType for Windows 1
MathType mathematical formula inserting interface

Main features of mathematical formula drafting software

  • Provides over 1000 mathematical symbols and Euclidean geometrical symbols.
  • Automatic format.
  • Comprehensive collection of symbols and mathematical samples.
  • Support colors, edit fonts for formulas.
  • Ruler format correctly.
  • Support keyboard and international characters.
  • Insert symbol dialog box.
  • Add, delete rows and columns of a matrix.

Download MathType for Windows 2
Easily create and edit matrices with MathType

  • Size reset command.
  • The custom for parentheses, parentheses.
  • View equations, export equations in bulk from Word in EPS, GIF, WMF, PICT formats.
  • Powerful tool for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • Integrated compiler for TeX, LaTeX, MathML.
  • Compatible with .LRN, 17Calculus, 21Classes, 280 Slides, 3D Grapher, 9math, 9thPeriod, A First Course in Linear Algebra, A&G Grapher, Ability Database, Ability Office, Ability Presentation, Ability Spreadsheet, Ability Write, AbiWord, Absorb, Abulafia , Abundante Vacío, AcademyMaker, Acces, Accessplan LMS, ACD / ChemSketch, AcqKnowledge, ActiveMath, ActiveOne, ActiveReports, Acuity, Adaptive Learning Management System, Adobe Authorware, Adobe Buzzword, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Dreamweaver , Adobe Flash, Mindjet , Microsoft Office products, OpenOffice , Gmail and many other applications.
  • Can copy the formula in a text and then pase into the software to edit.
  • Support shortcut keys.
  • Save frequently used formulas.

Download MathType for Windows 3
MathType Equation Editor is integrated into the Write of WPS Office

Immediately after installation, the application will be integrated directly into text editors such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and the programs it works with, allowing you to create mathematical formulas as soon as possible. Editor without having to open the application.

Download MathType for Windows 4
MathType is integrated in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you’re afraid to find mathematical expressions and insert text, you can activate the formula editor by writing with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M. Then the editor will appear allowing you to write the formula with the mouse. The application will automatically create the formula corresponding to what you write, when finished you just need to select Insert to insert.

Download MathType for Windows 5
Activate writing formulas on MathType

Download MathType for Windows 6
MathType mathematical formula interface when using the mouse to write formulas

In short, MathType performs its functions very well with a powerful feature pack, meeting the needs of all users. The application also comes with a detailed documentation, making it easy to access and use the features.

Note : You should install the Microsoft Office office suite first. MathType is used for Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the Office suite. When installing MathType, you must turn off all of the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that are being used for MathType to be integrated into these editors.

Download MathType for Windows 7

Update to the latest MathType

MathType 7.4.3 / 7.4.4

  • The license dialog box is now accessible and compatible with the screen reader.
  • New button to delete all license data.
  • Display an informative message if the product cannot connect to its servers to check if a new renewed license is available.
  • Upgrade command line options to gently delete all license data.
  • The system-based installation successfully now stores all the names and email addresses provided.
  • Create an executable file for the license tool.
  • Save compilation symbols when built in Bamboo.
Download MathType for Windows 8

MathType 7.4.2

  • Additional compiling MathML 3 feature.
  • Overall improvement for MTEF to compile MathML.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • MathType does not respond when opening the license dialog box.
  • Change the MathType icon color to be compatible with the dark background mode.

MathType 7.4.0 / 7.4.1

  • Improved compilation of MathML3
  • Bug fixes & minor improvements
  • MathML edits: pasted msubsup no longer switches to munderover limits.
  • Edit Japanese labels for graphic formats.
  • Fix VBA error when opening Word.
  • Cannot additionally stretch across bars.
  • Restore Microsoft handwriting input.
  • Turn on the Office ribbon after unlocking the product.
  • Edit MathML: fixed script formatting format in Vector-Matrix style.
  • MathType equations in Word 2016 can now be opened by double-clicking from right to left mode.
  • The pound symbol and the percentage of the hour display correctly when using the WordPress compiler.
  • Fix bug when translating Greek characters E into Braille in the Duxbury LaTex translator.

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