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NetEase and Marvel Entertainment have just released their first action game that marks their first collaboration – MARVEL Super War . Currently this free MOBA mobile game is starting to test Closed Beta for Android and iOS devices in Southeast Asia, India and will officially launch in early June.

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The MARVEL Super War game for Android brings together superheroes from the Marvel universe

MARVEL Super War strategy game for Android brings together superheroes and super villains from all over the Marvel universe and drags them into a giant clash. From Avengers and X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man, players can bring some of their favorite characters into battle, using their amazing abilities to create great moments. on the battlefield.

Outstanding feature of the game MARVEL Super War for Android

Unlike other MOBA games on mobile like Onmyoji Arena , Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG , Heroes of Order & Chaos or Garena Union Mobile , MARVEL Super War for Android focuses on fair battles and balanced gameplay. . The add-in system that caused an imbalance between the old and new players class of the traditional MOBA genre has been removed from the game and replaced with a completely free buff system, which means the reputation and achievement of the game. Craft can only be earned through skill and perseverance.

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Create superhero groups and confront each other in fierce battles

One of the game’s other highlights and important is the use of the diverse powers of Marvel characters. Each superhero in the game MARVEL Super War has a unique set of unique abilities, which can create powerful combo moves, which adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. Gamers can play the role of Deadpool and switch between chaos and long range to make attacks at the right time, or rush in and finish the opponent when incarnated into Black Panther.

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Each hero possesses a unique skill set for you to choose to put into the battle squad

Teamwork is always the most important factor to win. In the MARVEL Super War Android game, players can conquer battles anytime and anywhere by selecting some of their favorite superheroes and combining with other characters to create a unique army. Whether it’s a person with extraordinary abilities like Vision and Scarlet Witch, rich and powerful people like Iron Man and Black Panther, or formidable opponents like Cyclops and Magneto – they can all become companions. Team each other on the diverse battlefield of Marvel Super War .

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MARVEL Super War Android has eye-catching graphics and impressive action effects

Are you ready to conquer enemies in the majestic kingdom of Wakanda? Team up with friends, discover new secrets of the Marvel universe, build your dream superhero army, create powerful combo moves and command the characters to fight together. Start the battle of survival in the game MARVEL Super War for Android !

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Players can download the APK to their computer to experience while waiting for the game to officially launch


MARVEL Super War Android is currently testing the Closed Beta version on both Android and iOS devices in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India. Interested gamers can download the APK version to play the game.

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