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Manly is a photo editing application specifically for men, helping the guy more masculine, muscular by creating abs, muscular muscles or adding beard, tattoo play.

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Add 6 pack abs, muscular muscles

Most of the photo editing software today has a tendency to beautify women. But it’s not just girls who want to look better, so do men. As a man, you deserve a good photo editing application to be able to beautify yourself in a man’s own way. And the Manly app is a perfect choice.

Using the Manly app, in seconds you can help yourself own an ideal body. The most simple and important editing method is that the image looks extremely natural like a real photo. This software is suitable for entertaining or making pictures and posting on your friends.

Have you ever wondered if my 6-pack abs and brawn muscles would look like? Or see if I have a tattoo on my body or a beard, how much masculine it will be? Try Manly and find the answer.

Salient features of manly photo editing application Manly for Android

Manly lets you edit anywhere on the body:

  • Add muscles : Add chest and abdominal muscles. Both muscle groups come in many different shapes and can be adjusted manually.
  • Freedom adjustment : Larger shoulder adjustment , smaller waist or more. You are free to resize any part of your body.
  • Fix imperfections : Smooth skin and remove blemishes.
  • Create a new face : Choose from a collection of beards, tattoo designs or skin tones to see how you change.
  • Fine-tune : Add filters, resize photos, blur or pixel a part of an image, highlighting the main area of the photo.
  • Better photo editing experience : You can undo or redo any changes you have made.
  • Advanced editing : Adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, color, highlights, shadow, vignette.

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Add tattoos, add beard, smooth skin and remove blemishes

New feature

  • Add optional facial features: You can make deep edits to facial points.
  • Beautify images with muscles, tattoos and new beard styles …

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