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MakeupPlus for Android is a perfect photo editing application especially for devotees who love taking photos this Christmas. Instead of helping you become Vo Tac Thien like Pitu , MakeupPlus helps you to become a marshal or a beauty in a flash!

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MakeupPlus is one of the apps rated Best Apps of 2015 on Play Store in Hong Kong. This utility was developed by Meitu software company, once known for photo and video editing applications such as Beauty Camera , PosterLab or Meipai . Compared to its predecessors, MakeupPlus focuses on giving users the perfect features when looking to beautify their photos, especially portraits or selfies. By taking full advantage of the most natural and up- to-date makeup technology such as Natural, PinkLady, J-POP or SuperstarMakeups , you can be sure that your image after processing will be much more perfect. time out.

7 reasons to download MakeupPlus for Android right away!

“Selfie” doesn’t need makeup

MakeupPlus integrates real-life makeup options so you can instantly take photos regardless of your current look. Whether it is eyes, lips, cheeks or teeth, it is all handled with a single touch.

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Trendy style

MakeupPlus owns the latest makeup styles such as Natural, PinkLady, J-POP, Superstar and more.

“Spicy” makeup style

Are you having a bad day? Want to take a photo of a refreshing smile with wide eyes and “weird” makeup? MakeupPlus’ multiple facial recognition feature will help you satisfy. In particular, the application also integrates very interesting animation styles.

Diverse choices

Become whoever you want. MakeupPlus owns many styles such as Swetty, Sexy, OL …. for you to try and choose the most suitable one for you. All are constantly updated and refreshed.

Automatic makeup when taking photos at night

The makeup feature for photos when taken at night will make your face become brighter and more beautiful than the usual photography applications.

Improved technology

MakeupPlus uses the best facial recognition algorithm, ensuring to bring you incredible experiences, even more than 3D!

Learn from the best

Follow detailed beauty tutorials from top makeup experts. The content is constantly being updated to ensure you always keep up with the latest makeup trends.

The main feature of the photo editing application MakeupPlus for Android

  • Keep updating beauty tips in the most detailed way.
  • Get rid of facial imperfections in just one note. Your skin will become smooth, shiny and white beyond imagination.
  • Multi-face recognition and beauty features are separate.
  • Image noise reduction makes perfect picture processing even when photos are dark.
  • Recommended by many famous makeup experts.

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