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Along with SODA Camera and B612 , Makaron for Android is a prominent photo editing application on Google Play Store with many unique effects, including the feature of creating animations and GIFs. In just a few seconds, the app will turn your photo into a sparkling work of art.

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Makaron for Android can easily identify and highlight the object you want

Salient features of Makaron application for Android

Automatically edit photos in seconds

Makaron takes only a second to accurately identify and highlight people, dogs, cats, cars, wallpapers, … in your photos without any additional manipulation. Makaron ‘s editing tools can customize every detail of your photo in less than a minute.

Delete and automatically correct errors

Imagine you took a magic shot and suddenly realized that a stranger was in the frame! Don’t worry, you can remove this passerby with Makaron at will . The App will even help you edit the background or restore the background immediately.

Change wallpaper for free

Makaron for Android photo editing software allows users to change backgrounds with dozens of alternative landscapes while keeping the main subject of the photo. You can also instantly stylize photos, create motion stickers, and even add background music to your photos.

Automatically mixed

Upload photos to Makaron , use the “Blend” tool to instantly combine the themes and backgrounds in your photos in a harmonious way. Users can also fine-tune, adjust the image split borders, adjust the color tone and exposure as you like to create a perfect picture.

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Makaron for Android helps turn your photos into a work of art

Grow your sticker collection

Users can save characters, kittens, puppies, … into the Sticker section so they can be used to decorate future photos. In addition, Makaron also provides loads of other funny and cute stickers for you to show your personality in photos.

Endless filter

The Makaron for Android app has dozens of new filter features and effects that are always available and updated regularly. You can selectively filter any object or a specific object in the image. Users can even create different three-dimensional perspectives using filtering options.

Export DSLR-quality photos

Makaron supports blur of the background and highlights the main subject of the image to create a standard DSLR shot.

Recreate images in the form of oil paintings

Automatically reproduce photos in the form of oil paintings with just one touch, so you really “live” in the famous paintings. Turn your photos into works of art from a variety of schools, such as statues, impressionism, cubism, or immerse yourself in the Van Gogh-style starry sky.

Find your endless creative inspiration with the Makaron Android app !

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