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Mage war for Android – Game mage war

Mage is a high quality mobile game application for the followers of Gunbound, Gunny, Worms, Tann …

Great wizards with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay that have optimized controls will give gamers the best experience on their smartphone.

The game encourages players to entertain, coordinate skills, calculate reasonably for each turn. Set in a bold Western scene with constant magic battles of the most skilled magicians.

The great magician creates a strange and familiar feeling for all gamers. Join and become the most powerful mage in the magic world …

The great magician opens a world of opposing magic, and there, you will become a powerful magician.

You will have to compete with other talented mages, or with friends 2 vs 2 with other mage pairs to show class and improve experience.

The great war between magicians begins when you have to equip yourself with the strongest things. With the extremely rich Items system, you can both equip beautiful magician wings that implicitly push the power, and can upgrade the power of your magic. Your uniform, magic, and level will affirm your position among millions of wizards.

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