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Lunathorn for Android is a beautiful new MMORPG game set in Western mythology. Equip yourself with armor and diverse skills, participate in dramatic battles to defeat the darkness and save the world.

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From manufacturer EYOUGAME – the “father” of many unique RPG games such as Soul Destiny , Dark Domain , Shining Spirit or Luna’s Fate , Lunathorn is an attractive online role-playing game that you should not miss this year. ! With beautiful graphics system, engaging storyline and many interesting social activities, the game promises to bring entertaining moments for all gamers.

The plot of the game Lunathorn for Android

In the mythical world, there is a peaceful and beautiful land protected by the gods. However, Ragnarok’s apocalypse is expected to soon invade this land and the world will be in chaos.

The devil has invaded and the gods have fallen. In order to save the situation, Odin ordered the Valkyrie warriors to come to the mortal world in search of the destined warrior. This hero is responsible for collecting 15 artifacts that are protected by 15 different gods, in order to create a great power capable of destroying demons.

In the MMO Lunathorn for Android game, players will play that fateful warrior, travel around the world, confront the dark forces, quickly perform the assigned task to complete the mission to bring peace. pitcher for the land of myth.

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Outstanding features of the game Lunathorn for Android

High quality graphics and HD audio

Lunathorn Android ‘s powerful Unreal Engine 4 will bring gamers extremely impressive visual experience with rich details, realistic gaming effects and vast HD maps for Battle Royale battles. Play games with high quality sound, vivid 3D effects and 7.1 surround sound.

Vast world map

Explore the mythical land of Luna Thorn for Android with high quality graphics. The game will immerse you in many beautiful environments designed with vivid 3D technology.

Fair gaming environment

Lunathorn game ‘s powerful anti-cheating mechanisms will ensure a fun and fair playing environment for all gamers around the world.

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Endless benefits and free diamond rewards

Countless diamonds, free VIP rewards as well as legendary pets are waiting for players to own in the game LunaThorn for Android !

Awesome effect

Lunathorn Android ‘s sophisticated visual and sound effects will give you the best gaming experience.

Unique skill system

Players will be amazed by Lunathorn ‘s gorgeous skill system, awesome combat effects and simple drivers ! The key to victory is your skill!

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Stylish outfits

With so many gorgeous costumes, players can freely express their personality in the game Luna Thorn for Android !

The wings of power

The wings equipped for the character are both decorative accessories and special features. With them, you can fly wherever you want.

Guild War

Call for help from friends, build a Guild and fight for the glory of the guild.

Multiplayer PvP battles

Lunathorn has a variety of combat systems, from PvP battles, guild wars to Battle Royale, giving you the most interesting experience.

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  • Luna Thorn Android is a game for ages 12+ according to the Game Software Rating Rules.
  • The game contains some sensitive images and violence as allowed.
  • The game allows the player to have a virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage.
  • The game has a number of items to top up. You should spend wisely according to your hobbies and abilities.
  • Playing games for hours can affect work and health. You should rest and exercise regularly.

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