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Luna’s Fate for Android is a new fantasy MMORPG set in the West with beautiful Anime style graphics. The game offers players a vast world and lots of dungeons, endless battles and countless fascinating activities to explore that you should not miss.

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From manufacturer EYOUGAME – the “father” of many unique RPG games such as Soul Destiny , Dark Domain or Shining Spirit , Luna’s Fate is an attractive online role-playing game that you should not miss this year!

The plot of the game Luna’s Fate for Android

During the chaotic times of creation, the giant was born and given the divine power that could smash this dark period. After that, his body transformed into a world-making element, and his heart transformed into a tree called Yggdrasil, which was responsible for protecting everything on the land. He also created the god of light Lynes and the god of the dark Dax. This early world was named The Land of Origin and the history of the land is called the Legend of Genesis.

Time has not stopped, the war between the gods has never stopped. One day, the war finally ended and Yggdrasil was destroyed because the Land of Origin collapsed. In order to save and heal the world, the gods called for a truce, sacrificing themselves to revive Yggdrasil. With the fruit of the Yggdrasil tree, they created a separate race to protect the new Yggdrasil, and the fallen Yggdrasil tree was used to create eight dragons and a new world – Alania. History calls it Ragnarok.

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Thousands of years passed, the gods fell asleep and people woke up. They built the kingdom of Angelia and magic became their faith. More and more magic owners have lost their lives and have no voice to protest. Finally, the kingdom was burning in the fire of war. Several thousand years later, the power of the devil has been revived, awakening fragments of darkness as well as endless battle. The old heroes have gone, causing this land to open a new era of heroes. And you, the savior of the world!

Salient features of the game Luna’s Fate for Android

High quality graphics and HD audio

The powerful Unreal Engine 4 of Luna’s Fate for Android game will give gamers a stunning visual experience with rich details, realistic gaming effects and vast HD maps for Battle Royale battles. Play games with high quality sound and vivid 3D effects. Additionally, you can experience randomized 2.5D and 3D views depending on different situations.

Unique skill system

Players will be amazed by the impressive skill system, amazing combat effects and simple drivers of Luna’s Fate Android ! The key to victory is your skill!

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Endless benefits and free diamond rewards

Countless diamonds, free VIP rewards as well as legendary pets are waiting for players to own in the game Luna’s Fate for Android !

Find your soul mate

The strong are always alone, but in Luna’s Fate , gamers will never be alone. Embark on this romantic adventure, looking for friends, allies and even soul mates! The game also offers special wedding rings that can increase your strength index. In addition, gamers can organize a luxurious wedding and the whole server will be the witness of the couple’s love.

Lovely goblin

Cute goblins will be your companion in the battle to protect the empire and honor.

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Stylish outfits

With so many gorgeous costumes, you can freely express your personality in Luna’s Fate for Android game !

The wings of power

The wings equipped for the character are both decorative accessories and special features. With them, you can fly wherever you want.

Social system and entertainment arena

Players can fight against each other on well-designed terrains and fight bosses to gain the ultimate equipment. Luna’s Fate’s friendly social system also allows players to communicate with each other more effectively.

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  • Luna’s Fate Android is a game for ages 12+ according to the Game Software Ranking Rules.
  • The game contains some sensitive images and violence as allowed.
  • The game allows the player to have a virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage.
  • The game has a number of items to top up. You should spend wisely according to your hobbies and abilities.
  • Playing games for hours can affect work and health. You should rest and exercise regularly.

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