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Has your child ever wondered what it feels like to be a police officer? Play as a crime- chasing warrior in the Little Police educational game for Android , chase thieves and find lost items for the inhabitants of the town!

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Recently, in a small town there are many burglary cases, this has brought great troubles and affected the peaceful life of residents. This is when someone should stand up and act! It’s time for the town’s super police to start cleaning up this mess and return peace to the neighborhood! Does your baby want to be that person?

In Little Police for Android , children will take on the role of detective and police of a small town and help people find items stolen by bandits. Investigate crime scenes and search for clues. Compare evidence with suspects and identify the offender. Find and return the stolen things. Catch the bad guys in high speed chases with police cars and keep them behind bars.

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Rediscover lost items and return peace to the beautiful city of Little Police

Are the kids ready to become a great cop in Little Police Android intellectual game ?

Salient features of the Little Police game for Android

  • There are no advertisements.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Catch criminals in a beautiful 3D world.
  • Customize your own police character.
  • Earn police badges and unlock diverse new clothing items.
  • Search for clues and stolen items in over 40 different houses.
  • Use logical thinking and problem solving skills to find out who is guilty.
  • Catch criminals in dramatic chases by police car.

Solve cases, find stolen objects, catch criminals to rise to the rank of elite police and become the best crime hunting soldier the town has ever had in the Little Police game for Android !

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Solve cases, find stolen objects and catch criminals in Little Police for Android

Introducing the developer Filimundus

Filimundus is a Swedish game studio, famous for simulation games that help develop children’s cognition and intelligence such as Pettson’s Inventions , Animal Fun Park , BRIO World – Railway or Inventioneers . Developers want to stimulate learning by providing rewarding interactive games that help stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Filimundus wants to give children a new creative environment where they can freely develop through open-ended games.

Filimundus does not track, analyze, or share user information in our games. For more information, please visit

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