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YouTube has become the largest MP3 / video streaming site in the world today. Many users prefer to listen to music / MTV / voice on YouTube from their portable MP3 players or iPods.

However, YouTube does not allow users to download videos and convert music directly from their websites. Therefore, Listen to YouTube software was born to overcome these limitations. This software will allow you to easily download any video from YouTube and convert them into the appropriate music format to be able to run on your portable music devices.

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Main feature:

  • With just 1 click, you can download / M3 / AAC music from YouTube
  • Automatically download and convert the highest quality audio formats from YouTube. In addition, you can also choose the quality you want. Supports all audio formats available on YouTube such as: 44KHz Stereo AAC / MP3 -> 44KHz Stereo MP3 -> 44KHz Mono MP3 -> 22KHz Mono MP3 -> 22KHz Mono 3GP -> 8KHz Stereo 3GP
  • Download speed is super fast so you can download and convert music directly between your computer and YouTube
  • Automatically detect YouTube video title and use it as the name of the music / MP3 file
  • Completely free, does not contain any spyware, ads
  • The installation file is compact in size

Steps to use Listen To YouTube

  • Step 1: Visit the YouTube page to search for the song you want and copy its URL
  • Step 2: Paste the URL into the Listen to YouTube software
  • Step 3: You can choose to keep the video or just MP3 files, then select the format you want
  • Step 4: Click the Download and Convert button
  • Step 5: Wait until the conversion is complete, then enjoy your music file

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