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Lines 98 is one of the classic games that many people love, especially office workers. Although born a long time ago, but never ceased to appeal to players.

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Lines 98 interface is a square of 9 rows and 9 columns, creating 81 small squares. You only need to arrange so that at least 5 balls of the same color are on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to score. After each move will generate 3 balls with random colors and positions.

It sounds simple, but if you do not carefully calculate the moves, then soon they will fill 81 cells and the game will be over. You can play classic Line 98 games on computers , Android phones, iOS and Windows Phone .

New features in the game Lines 98 1.1

  • Automatically save points when you are playing.
  • Share your record on Facebook .

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The main feature of the game ranked ball Lines 98 for Android

  • Arrange at least 5 balls of the same color on the same line.
  • There are 12 themes to change: Black, red, blue, green, wood …
  • Support playing the screen easily.
  • Global rankings to compete with other players everywhere in real time.
  • Save your high score to the game screen while playing, without having to wait for the game to end.
  • Support to go back a wrong move (Undo / Redo).

Game modes in Lines 98

  • LINE mode (straight): Put 5 balls of the same color in a row in a straight line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).
  • SQUARE mode (square): Arrange at least 4 balls of the same color to form a square.
  • BLOCK (block) mode: Match at least 7 marbles of the same color close to each other.

Although, there are many types of eye-catching graphics games, charismatic gameplay such as Subway Surfers , Clash of Clans , Dragon City … but Lines 98 still confirms its position. So why hesitate any longer, please arrange your ball arrangements, to show off your achievements to friends right away!

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