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LightX is the most advanced and complete photo editing software for mobile. You can advanced, advanced photo editing with extremely simple manipulations, such as changing the color of the object, changing the background image or blurring the background, double light phase and superimposing two or more photos on each other.

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Blend between two photos and change the object color on the photo easily

LightX is a free professional photo editor. The app has functions such as collage, add frames, add stickers, crop and change the background, blur photos, create cartoons, make caricatures, create selfie photos and sweet portraits. perfect sweet.

You can change hair color, add color splash effects (a color that stands out from a black and white photo), superimpose images with dual exposure effects and multiple exposures and many other photo editing tools.

Video editing experience with LightX app

LightX Photo Editor also features sharing on social networks , there are many photo frames, collages for you to freely transform. You can add countless stickers and draw directly on the image to create interesting photos. You can also write text on pictures and create your own memes.

The application possesses full of advanced editing tools such as tinting, blur effect by level and curves. You can change the brightness of the image, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, adjust the shade of the highlight and highlight the image. In addition, LightX also has filters in the style of Vintage, Retro (classic), Drama (cinema), Glow, B&W (black & white), grunge and many other filters.

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Change hair color and retouch portrait

Outstanding feature of photo editing application LightX for Android

1. Cut and change wallpaper

  • Use the Lasso tool to identify similar areas.
  • You can overlay any collage on wallpaper to create new content.

2. Color effects (Color Splash)

  • Optionally apply different colors, light tones and grayscale tones to different areas of the image.
  • Smart selection tool (Lasso tool) will automatically select compatible color effects for each region.

3. Mix photos

  • Blend multiple photos to create impressive surreal effects.
  • Combine images thanks to different blending modes like darkening, lightening to create double exposure effects, multiple exposures.

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Distort your face to create funny portraits and double light phases

4. Professional photo editing tools

Adjust the tone of the image using the tools Curve, Levels and Color Balance.

5. Create “selfies” and perfect portraits

  • Auto mode and manual mode to increase smoothness, sharpen images.
  • Many auto-beautifying filters.
  • Remove spots, small spots like acne, freckles on the face.
  • Change hair color and hairstyle ..
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Blur the background of the portrait photo.

6. Edit photos with many different filters

  • Select and apply various filters like Vintage, Retro (classic), Drama (cinema), Glow, B&W (black & white), Dust, Analog.
  • Many artistic filters to create gray tones, glossy colors, painting effects.

7. Advanced image converter

Scale, rotate, and apply transformations according to perspective.

8. Edit as standard

Enhance image quality with effects like changing brightness, contrast, exposure, color, saturation, intensity, shadow, mid-tone, highlight, temperature, lighten and color.

9. Focus effect

  • Apply various focus effects like lens blur, background blur and mask blur.
  • Use vignette effect on the inside and outside areas.

10. Handling shapes

  • Use fine-tuning tools to shape your body contours.
  • Use the shape changing tool to create cartoon and caricature effects.

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Collage multiple photos into one frame, add frames and stickers on photos

11. Collage photos

  • Create collages by combining multiple photos from a variety of collage templates and photo frames.
  • You can freely customize the collage size, change the background color and the border thickness.

12. Photo frame

Paste your photos into frames with themes of love, birthday, colors, classic & dust.

13. Sticker

  • Spice up your photos with loads of cute stickers related to love, comics, text, birthdays and more.
  • Change the color and transparency of the sticker.

14. Doodle pens and drawings

  • Select multiple doodle pens to draw on the shape.
  • Change color, thickness, size of doodle pens.

15. Text

  • Insert text, create memes for photos.
  • Customize thickness, opacity, color, font of the text.

New feature

  • New Eraser tool to remove backdrop.
  • Smart eraser and smart brush modes have been added to the Draw & Blend photos tool.
  • Manual Draw and Eraser modes have been added to the Splash, Focus and Hair tools.
  • Support for multi-line text input.
  • Change the background of the photo.
  • Create custom collages with custom frames.
  • Redo unwanted operations.
  • Customize your collection with lots of different backgrounds.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

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