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LEGO Digital Designer – Game LEGO model dreaming

From colorful plastic buttons, sizes, shapes … LEGO has given children (and adults) great creative ability with their toys. If the tight budget cannot buy all of the LEGO sets or some other reason why you can’t get them, the LEGO Digital Designer game will help you to be satisfied to be able to “invent” everything you think. out (computer only).

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The working environment of the 3D simulation program is so the bricks look like the real thing. It provides you fully assembled buttons, spaces suitable for objects. You can build a city full of trees, a monumental zoo, a vast universe or a fierce battlefield … You can see LEGO Digital Designer is a software for learning and playing, very interesting. and rewarding, stimulating maximum player creativity.

The remarkable feature of LEGO Digital Designer is that it allows users to move multiple blocks at the same time, color, shape selected blocks, duplicate objects, rotate objects connected to the hinge. , bends and twists flexible elements, as well as changing the color of the selected brick block material.

In addition, users can enable or disable sound notifications, apply shadow effects on bricks, displaying the number of tiles in a separate dialog box. If you want to increase your ability to focus, users can switch to full screen mode and use the hotkey.

LEGO Digital Designer supports printing, uploading products to the official web application of the company. In addition, users can also take screenshots, then save them as png files.

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LEGO Digital Designer helps users create LEGO toy as they want

Requires configuration using LEGO Digital Designer

  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics card: 128 MB (OpenGL 1.1 compatible or higher)
  • Hard disk space: 1 GB

Overall, LEGO Digital Designer is a LEGO model design software that has an intuitive layout and useful features suitable for everyone.

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