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Lazors for Android is an interesting intellectual game on Google Play , where you will use lasers and shapes to solve tough puzzles. With over 200 levels from easy levels to difficult challenges, the game is definitely a useful game for you to train your brain and logical thinking.

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Download game Lazors for Android

Lazors is an interesting puzzle game . The gameplay is quite similar to God of Light for Android and Laser Quest – though simple but not easy to master – you need to try to direct the laser beam from one point to another to hit every target. To do that, move the different-shaped bricks around a board full of free space to create refractions, which will help the laser hit the object to be destroyed.

In the game Lazors for Android has more than 200 diverse screens arranged in increasing difficulty. In the early levels, the puzzles are quite simple, only one or two obstacle blocks. But when you go to the higher tables, you will encounter many different shapes in both quantity and materials.

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Game Lazors for Android has more than 200 diverse screens arranged in increasing difficulty

Simple blocks will reflect the laser, solid blocks will block it, glass blocks refract the laser in different directions and some blocks are attached to the board and cannot be moved. With lots of crazy blocks and levels, Lazors Android game has all the elements to make it hard to take your eyes off the screen for a few hours.

Although not possessing great graphics or particularly complex gameplay , Lazors game is truly a challenging puzzle game. With cleverly designed levels, this is a must-have game if you love puzzles that require logical reasoning.

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Lazors for Android is a useful intellectual game for you to train your brain and logical thinking

Salient features of the game Lazors for Android

  • 280 challenging levels from easy to difficult.
  • Intuitive and clear gameplay.
  • Provide Hint system when you meet difficult tables

Move the blocks, use the mirror to reflect the laser and hit all targets! Download the game Lazors for Android right away to your computer to test your thinking talent!

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