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Greedy people once again invaded the dragon world after Lair Defense: Dungeon . This time, they are well equipped and never stop after defeating the only dragon in the world. When the dragon was angry, it was time for them to destroy.

Dragons were accustomed to the map, they were trained and readied for battle. It’s time for you to choose smart statics to defeat greedy people!

Download Lair Defense: Shrine for Android .APK 1


  • Fire Dragon: Protects against invading enemies with the power of blowing fire. This is one of the most powerful creatures in ancient times.
  • Ice Dragon: A hero defender specializing in ice attacks. It can freeze invading enemies.
  • Poison Dragon: Fight enemies with the power of poison spray. Standing too close will be very dangerous.
  • You can upgrade the dragon from small to large. Many skills only found in large dragons / giant dragons.
  • Fire rain: Causes damage to an area with fire rain.
  • Ice up: a special spell that can temporarily freeze all enemies.

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  • Many enemies ranging from unarmed peasants to magic masters.
  • The thief moves quickly and becomes invisible at will.
  • Shamans are not affected by the fire of the attacking dragon
  • Pastors are masters of healing. They can heal themselves quickly.

Dang Huong

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