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Turn your Android phone into a pocket camera capable of taking unique retro photos with a variety of styles such as vintage, film pictures, lenses …

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Beautiful nostalgic style photography app

Kultcamera is inspired by many popular retro camera and film models such as Polaroid, Lomo, Hipstamatic, Agfa, Kodak, Ilford, Fuji and more.

Download Kultcamera for free and unleash the power of photography on your device.

Kultcamera nostalgic photography apps include:

  • 4 cameras: Retro Master, Emul MkI, Instant-o-Matic & Lomo Liana F +. Each camera has its own border and aspect ratio.
  • 24 film: Can best simulate classic films with hardware acceleration. Grain simulation for all ISO speeds.
  • 7 Lenses: Your style with different lens effects like scratch effects, dust, vignettes, crumpled paper, stains …

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4 different camera modes

Kultcamera will let you explore a new dimension of photography.

Note : This application is provided completely free of charge and there is no application purchase. When taking a picture there will be a watermark of the application name appearing in the corner of the image. To remove the water mark, go to Menu > Market and watch the video trailer. You will then receive a film roll. For each film, you can take 10 pictures without a watermark.

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Choose from different lense to create your favorite photo style

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