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Kudak Pro will turn your phone camera into a legendary Kodak film camera in the 90s. Users only take 24 shots in one film and have to wait 1 hour to switch to a new film.

Download Kudak Pro for Android APK 1 Kudak Pro allows 24 shots to be shot in a film like an old film camera

In this day and age, digital cameras and phone cameras will show you images immediately after you take a shot. But because of that, we lose the excitement, anxious to wait a few days to be able to see our pictures like shooting with old film cameras. Kudak Pro will bring that feeling back. The Kudak Pro photography application simulates shooting like film cameras. You are not allowed to take pictures of bluff, like where you took it, if you feel bad, delete it again. Kudak Pro will give you a film reel and allow you to take 24 photos. When the film runs out, you have to wait an hour to switch to using the new film. Therefore, the photographer needs to align, choose the perfect angle before pressing the shutter if you do not want to waste filmroll.

Download Kudak Pro for Android APK 2 Choose your favorite camera color

After that, photos will be kept in the machine for 1 day to complete processing. Thanks to that, users will experience the thrill of waiting to see what their finished product will look like. In addition, Kudak Pro simulates a small viewfinder (camera viewfinder), offering a truly disposable film camera experience. A special feature is that Kudak Pro also creates light leak effects like when taken with film cameras.

Download Kudak Pro for Android APK 3 You need to wait 1 hour to change to a new film

Salient features of Kudak Pro application for Android

  • Change color.
  • Choose the color of the camera to match your personality.
  • Each picture is unique, lightleak effect, 3D effects are applied randomly.
  • If you uninstall the application, make sure you have saved your photos. Otherwise they will also be deleted.

Download Kudak Pro for Android APK 4 Choose beautiful moments and angles to get the perfect shot

New feature

  • Improve the filters in low light.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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