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Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android is a new cutting-edge cutting-edge game released for mobile platforms and is attracting a lot of attention today.

Developed by GAMEVIL , a well-known gaming company with previous great role-playing games like Zenonia , Kritika: Chaos Unleashed, it is not inferior to any of its brothers. In this game, players will also play the brave generals, take part in the journey to kill monsters to be rewarded with valuable rewards. During the game, you will have the opportunity to collect weapons, accessories, armor and many other items. At the same time, players Kritika: Chaos Unleashed will also have the opportunity to level up, develop combat capabilities for their hero character.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 1

In Kritika: Chaos Unleashed supports many character routes to role-play. However, when you first start, you will not have too many choices. Only when going deep into the game with enough resources and levels, the player can unlock all characters in the game.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 2

But in return, the original characters are quite enough to use and can be exploited effectively. Specifically, players can choose Beserker of the strong attack class, Cat Acrobat is more about high altitude attack or Dark Valkyrie with the ability to use chains and scythes flexibly.

After selecting a character, you will be instructed to enter the battle in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed. How to play in this game is no different than the previous hack-and-slash games. Players use a joystick on the left of the screen to move champions and press the buttons on the right to attack . Depending on the selected character, these buttons will change accordingly. Players will take turns conquering the gates in the game, in which they will have to kill all monsters to move from one area to another area and finally confront and kill the monster boss to cross the door.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 3

Do not worry that you will not know what to do because in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed supports a quite effective playing wizard. Although it is just a dialog box with simple contents, it can also play a navigation role, making it easier to enjoy the game.

In addition, in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed there are many other interesting points that can draw you into hours of continuous play. For example, players can take part in weekly monster-killing challenges to place their name on the worldwide gamer rankings. Depending on your rank, you will receive a corresponding amount of gold. Joining monsters in the Wave frontier is a fairly easy way to rank up. However, each time you play you will lose 1 gem (recover over time) so the number of games will be limited.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 4

Besides, players Kritika: Chaos Unleashed can also earn items and loot (booty) to level up for their generals . You can earn these items when killing monsters or when opening a gift chest after each victory. A special item that players should pay attention to collect is the key. You can use these keys to unlock treasures in the game.

The graphics in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed can be said to be a remarkable highlight. The characters in this game are beautifully designed and built in a Japanese animation style that you may be familiar with through films such as Pirate Island, Attack on Titan or Fairy Tail. For example, when attacking and destroying the monster boss, Kritika: Chaos Unleashed will display a short clip showing your hero’s image with enthusiasm and bright eyes and refreshing spirit after killing the enemy. prime.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 5

In particular, the visual and sound effects in this game are exploited and used quite well. For example, when performing consecutive combo combos, the visual effects simulate hurricane-killing attacks, helping the player to better morale. In addition, the Kritika: Chaos Unleashed design team also pays attention to other small details. For example, when leveling up, new weapons, new armor or new items, the halo (aura) radiating from this item will change with it, being brighter, more beautiful showing the level of proportionality with them.

If you want to experience a tight game with engaging gameplay and top-notch graphics, then you must try Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android.

Some key features of Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android:

Special offer:

  • Create a hero and you will be awarded 5000 gold.
  • 30% discount on the purchase of limited-time promotional packages during the summer.

Top notch guillotine chopping:

  • Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is an action role-playing game with easy-to-learn, addictive gameplay.
  • Players are allowed to call generals of friends to assist in the process of playing.

Role-playing mighty characters in the game:

  • Dark Valkyrie: the goddess of death with the ability to use scythes and flexible chains.
  • Berserker: brave with fierce hammer attacks.
  • Cat Acrobat: female warrior has fast speed and the flexibility of a cat.

Unique combat system:

  • Players will have the opportunity to train generals through more than 60 different gates.
  • Play Monster Wave mode to kill a series of monster attacks and level up quickly.
  • Train your ability to compete in different game modes: fighting in the arena ( Arena ), fighting against ( Versus ) and fighting 3v3 ( Melee ).
  • Use Auto-Battle to free your hands and perform more complex attacks.

Update in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android new version:

  • Add new playground: [EP7] Bane Harbor .
  • Inheritance system: equipment changes will be transferred accordingly when leveling up.
  • Increase Cap level from Level 50 to 55 .
  • Added new equipment in level 55.
  • Now, increasing Karat will not reduce Enhance Attempt
  • Fix many other errors.


To install the APK file from, you need to set up a device that can install applications not located on Google Play. To set up this feature you need to go to Settings > Security > in Device Manager , select the Unknown sources ( Allow installation of applications not from Market ).

Video introducing Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android:


Tips and tricks for playing Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android:

Combine the attacks smoothly:

In battle, players need to make use of all the usable attacks. At that time, you just need to hold your hand at the basic blowout key (ATK) while pressing repeatedly on the surrounding attorney’s buttons. Whenever these attorneys heal themselves, players need to immediately attack. Remember not to waste any attacks because this is the most effective way to attack and defend. When you fight monsters constantly they will not have a chance to counterattack and the adventure will end well and quickly.

Especially, players need to remember to take advantage of these attacks when facing the boss. In addition, when facing a boss, before they launch a fierce attack, a red area will appear, you just need to move the champion out of the area to avoid blood loss.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 6

Attention move:

Players should control their generals moving in a slow circle and should run a little faster than their opponent. The reason is that the AI-controlled monsters will automatically run after the player, so if they wait a little hard, they will gather in a circle to surround the player and they only need to perform a single sweep to kill. all.

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android .APK 7

This can help cope with weak monsters effectively. In case of confrontation with boss monsters, you should use other moves. At that time, the player should move the attacking champion and back to a reasonable defense. At the same time, pay attention to their counter-attacks, dodge them and attack them back and forth. The combination of normal attacks and special attacks can help players win quickly.

Upgrade skills:

As you progress to the next level, you’ll unlock advanced skills that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, when level 5, players can unlock item crafting skills and level 7, they can level up items. This skill will help players own the items quickly, cheaply and most effectively.

Handling when clogged at a difficult level:

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for Android allows you to replay previous tables. Although not being awarded XP points, players will have the opportunity to earn a little more gold used to buy and level up items. Repeat until you earn enough money to upgrade your combat skills and a few other factors and be able to successfully pass the door.

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