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Knife Hit 1.8.3 is a fun, gentle action game on Android. You will practice the ability to hit the target.

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Phi hit an apple to unlock a new knife

The task of the player in the game Knife Hit for Android is to throw a knife and break the logs. Besides, on the log you will see the red apples. Phi hit an apple to unlock a new knife.

At the end of each stage, the player will have a more challenging challenge, called the boss battle. Try to accomplish the goal to receive the most special knife.

Download Knife Hit game for Android

It sounds easy, but actually Knife Hit is quite challenging. Initially, when the piece of wood is still around, you can throw it into any position. However, then when you have too many daggers next to the piece of wood, you need to fly so that the knife does not hit other knives and is thrown out.

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The boss battle fierce

The number of knives is also limited, so you don’t have to slip as many times as you want. Time your actions, aim carefully and become a knife dancer in Knife Hit.

Can you defeat all boss levels? Download Knife Hit for Android for free and enjoy!

New feature

  • More rare and legendary bosses. Can you beat it all?
  • Defeat new bosses to receive new exclusive knives.
  • Add settings and control sound and vibration.
  • Add purchase packages to remove ads.

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