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Kiss Evolution

Kiss Evolution is a game that requires skill and agility. The game has 4 different levels, each of which is a different challenge.

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Level 1 : In the classroom, let the kids kiss and get support from their classmates without the teacher finding out.

Level 2 : The two kids have become young men, they’re at the disco. Help the guy kiss the girl so his girlfriend and others don’t see it.

Level 3 : The guy grew up and got married, help him kiss the maid so his wife can’t see.

Level 4 : The boy grows old and dies, help his soul to kiss the soul of the girl in the tomb next door so that other spirits cannot see.

In the right corner of the screen there is a time column, when the time column is full you will be taken to the next level. Note, if a character is detected, the game will end.

Dang Huong

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