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Get ready for the journey to protect the kingdom, against the monsters and evil wizards in the strategy game Kingdom Defense goalkeeper for Android !

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Coming from the developer Zonmob , famous for many favorite action games like Shadow of Death: Dark Knight , Legend Heroes: Epic Battle , Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run or Stickman Revenge 2 , Kingdom Defense is a game Its unique tactics promise to bring you dramatic and eye-catching battles.

Many brutal monsters of dark and dark forces have invaded your kingdom. They destroy resources and kill people. These monsters are not only crowded but also possess many strange spells. The survival of mankind and the kingdom is at stake.

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Unique strategy game Kingdom Defense for Android will bring you wonderful and unprecedented experience in any other gamers.

Download game Kingdom Defense for Android

Discover a wonderful kingdom

Players will complete the task of protecting the kingdom on the beautiful lands of the game Kingdom Defense . Enter an exciting adventure through lush forests, golden lands, or snow-capped mountains and warm deserts.

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Strong tower defense system

Kingdom Defense Android has a basic 4 class system including Archer, Knight, Ston God and Magic Dragon. Each tower has its own function and strengths, which can counter different types of monsters. The tower system can also be upgraded to 4 levels, helping to increase more strength, magic for the warriors and support you in the castle battles.

In particular, the tower defense system is also upgraded by the number of players that the player gains in each defense. You can customize your tower with different upgrades such as: Increasing power, reducing the time between attacks, … In addition, gamers can also reset each battle when applying different tactics. .

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Magic system

The system of magic items in Kingdom Defense for Android such as meteor shower, freezing enemies, healing teammates or increasing money in the game screen will help you improve the chances of winning in each tower match.

Knight and legendary hero

A special feature in the Kingdom Defense game is the Warrior and Knight system. This is a perfect combination between strategy and role-playing games .

Unlike normal city defense, Kingdom Defense game gives you a more interesting and interesting style of play – players can not only build towers and defenses but also summon heroes, put into battle. school and directly control them in that battle.

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Kingdom Defense Game for Android also has a diverse warrior system like Galahad, Ashi, Wukong, … with special skills that will help you have a better chance of winning.

Outstanding features of the game Kingdom Defense for Android

  • Impressive graphics with medieval European style.
  • Epic action.
  • Diversified monster fighting system.
  • 12 world maps and lots of different game modes.
  • Unique item system and weapons.
  • Strong hero system.
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Kingdom Defense for Android will bring players a new and exciting experience in the line of tower defense games. Not only do you have to devise good tactics in each battle, but you also need to control the heroes skillfully and quickly.

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