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In the Kholat computer horror adventure game, players will participate in the most frightening journey in life. This game is set in the beautiful Ural Mountains in the cold winter.

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Discover the gloomy darkness in Kholat horror adventure game for computers

When playing adventure games for PC Kholat, players will try to find the terrible mystery behind the Dyatlov Pass event. This game has voiced the story of the famous actor and stage Sean Bean.

In the Kholat computer adventure game, players will walk on the snow for long periods of time, trying to find out where they are and how to go to a new place to find out Important clues to new stories.

Developer IMGN.PRO has taken a very dangerous place to show how people can get lost and panicked in the face of the harshness of nature and other forces.

Although the game Kholat does not give players too terrible experience as in the horror games for other computers, players will still feel insecure when exploring the game. For players interested in finding mysteries, the game Kholat can bring both exciting and scary moments.

Video introducing Kholat horror adventure game for PC

Main features of Kholat horror adventure game for computers

  • Designed in stunning graphic style
  • Bring a comprehensive exploration experience
  • Sound and live music
  • Bring a chill and scary feeling
  • The plot is inspired by real events
  • Includes the main storyline and many secondary plot for players to learn
  • Explore the open world, not playing games in a seamless fashion
  • Find the way in the game with maps and compass
  • Using Unreal Engine 4 technology
  • Overcome many exploratory challenges
  • It takes 4 to 6 hours to ” break ” this game

Discover the plot of Kholat horror adventure game for computers

Kholat is a horror game for PC developed based on some real life events. This is still a mystery, though it happened more than 50 years ago.

A group of 10 experienced snowboarders and multinational explorers led by Igor Alekseievich Dyatlov plans to cross the Ural Mountains in the north, trying to reach Otorten, moving through the area. areas with rugged terrain in bad weather.

Among them, only one member returned because he was ill. Since they did not receive any information from the rest of the team, a team was dispatched to search for missing people.

After that, the search team discovered the bodies of those people. The Soviet authorities investigated and concluded that their deaths were not caused by humans.

The tent was slashed from inside and the team fled in a state of panic, unable to bring anything to survive. Four people were seriously injured and strange light was shining on their clothes from the sky.

This event is an inspiration for developer IMGN.PRO to create Kholat – The game has a combination of horror games and adventure games for computers in an extremely interesting method with attractive voice of film actor and stage Sean Bean.

The plot of Kholat horror adventure game is revealed through brief messages. Players can find these things when they explore the world and listen to an incredibly engaging story.

The developer will not elaborate on the events that happened. Players are free to understand their own ways about what happened. However, this may be considered a supernatural phenomenon.

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Meet the mysterious characters in adventure horror game for computer Kholat

Get familiar with the gameplay of Kholat adventure horror game for PC

In Kholat’s computer horror adventure game, players will primarily perform actions such as walking, trying to find an explanation for everything, even if they die.

Players will begin their journey at a train station, trying to understand the world around them, deciding which direction is more promising to explore, listening to the storytelling to know that what is he implying.

After only a short time, the player was lost in the mountains where the Dyatlov group disappeared. On the player’s hand there are only a few tools like a basic map, a compass and a light source. Players are allowed to use these to find their way.

Obviously, developers want players to feel lost and helpless. This feeling inspires players to explore, seek to find appropriate paths to move forward and find more messages.

The mountainous area of Kholat’s computer horror adventure game has common dangers and orange supernatural phenomena.

Players will see demonic characters occasionally wandering and do not seem to recognize the existence of the player. However, there will be times when they will only focus on the player and quickly move closer to find a way to kill.

The only way to escape them is to flee because Kholat’s horror adventure game almost doesn’t give players the chance to protest. However, because the ability to run is limited, most clashes with those strange creatures have tragic ends.

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Find ways to survive the process of playing the horror game for Kholat computers

Beautiful graphics and vivid sound

Kholat computer horror adventure game is designed in a beautiful graphic style by using the new Unreal Engine 4 technology.

The mountainous area in the game Kholat is delineated by the combination of the main colors of white, blue and orange. That creates a sense of calm when the player moves to nearby locations and creates a sense of fear when the player encounters something unusual.

In the process of playing Kholat’s computer horror adventure game, players will spend most of their time looking at the landscape, trying to determine which direction they should take and whether a place is useful or just. is a danger to be avoided.

The sound in Kholat horror adventure game is so vivid that the plot becomes more attractive. The developer was very successful when simulating the sound of wild nature combined with the sound of supernatural phenomena in a clever way.

In short , Kholat is a horror adventure game for computers that has many great features, helping players to develop their imagination quickly in a space that impresses deeply and catchy accounts of events. occurs in practice. This authenticity makes the player quickly attracted to the world in the game in the hope of finding a mystery. Currently, the Kholat horror adventure game has been released for Steam computers for $ 19.99. You can install Steam for your computer, then buy and download Kholat to join the adventure just thrilling and scary right now.

WARNING: Kholat horror adventure game with pictures, no sound suitable for children and weak heart.

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Discover the mysterious story of Kholat horror adventure game for PC

Kholat configuration required

Minimum system requirements for computers

  • Operating system: Windows 7 32 bit SP1
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 470
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Available storage capacity: 5 GB

Recommended system requirements for computers

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 and above
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: upward GeForce GTX 660 TI
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Free storage capacity: 10 GB

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