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KEmulator is a Java emulation application, playing Java games for free on PC. KEmulator is a useful application designed to support users to emulate games in Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola phones … on their computers. With KEmulator, developers will save time when they want to test the * .jar file on a computer before converting it to a phone.

Download KEmulator for Windows 1

Download Kemulator – Play Java games on the computer

Basically, the KEmulator emulates Java ( Java Emulator ) on a computer allowing players to play both online and offline Java games. Through our testing, KEmulator works quite stable and smoothly, KEmulator will make you have a good gaming experience when playing on a computer screen.

KEmulator is just a Java environment emulator on your computer.If you want to find an Android emulator on your computer, there are many other software including: Bluestacks , Droid4X , NOX , Genymotion … effective Android emulator software.

KEmulator supports gamers who can experience cult Java games for a while on “lepty” phones like Avatar, TeaMobi, OnGame, Gomobi, Mobi Army, Phong Van, Farm … How to play computer games with KEmulator is also very simple, after downloading KEmulator , you just need to install it on your computer, perform some game loading operations, and you will be able to play games with KEmulator.

The main feature of KEmulator

  • KEmulator can be run directly – no installation is required (we provide 2 * .exe and * .zip links for your convenience).
  • Supports all online and offline games written in Java.
  • Play java games directly on the computer.
  • Lets customize the gaming controls.
  • Works fast, runs smoothly on any computer.
  • While playing the game, just return to the gaming screen with KEmulator.
  • Remember to run KEmulator under Administrator to keep the software running smoothly.

Download KEmulator for Windows 2

KEmulator latest version updated:

  • Fix auto click error on Windows.
  • Improve gaming performance.

Install KEmulator emulator on computer

Note when installing and running KEmulator

You need to download and install Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) on your computer to run files written in java before installing KEmulator. The software is completely free and can be easily downloaded and installed. When playing Java games with KEmulator, players can combine with Cheat Engine to interfere with their gaming process.

KEmulator is very easy to use, download the installer file kemulator_setup.exe from the Download button above. If you download a .zip file, you can use decompression software like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the file. When finished, open the file KEmulator.exe to start. Here is a screenshot of KEmulator running the game:

Download KEmulator for Windows 3 Download KEmulator – a free emulator for playing Java games on PC.

Instructions to play java games on KEmulator

In the main menu, click Midlet and then select Load jar:

Download KEmulator for Windows 4

Then, select the * .jar file to start playing:

Download KEmulator for Windows 5

Steps to install and set up KEmulator

  • Step 1: After installation, you can set up the .jar file to associate with KEmulator.exe under View > Options -> System .
  • Step 2: Customize the key map under View > Options > KeyMap .
  • Step 3: Activate the virtual keyboard under View > KeyPad .

Review KEmulator: software to play the game on the computer

The software is very good, meeting the needs of most users. Completely free, can play offline and online games (as long as Java games), runs well on different versions of Windows.


  • All free
  • Light installation capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Stable running


  • Requires additional Java Runtime Environment .

Official Download link:

Other versions and related.

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