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Jungle Adventures for Android is an extremely attractive adventure role-playing game on mobile. This walking game will bring us emotions about the classic 4-button game series on 4-button electronics that 8x gamers will never forget.

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Attractive features of Jungle Adventures Mobile

In this adventure game , players will transform into the lovely green forest boy, in his journey, he must overcome countless challenges and obstacles, face many kinds of scary and dangerous animals. such as wild boar, kangaroo, giant green frog …

Download Jungle Adventure for Android .APK 2
  • The game has a classic gameplay, not difficult, the gameplay is also extremely simple, suitable for many players of different ages.
  • Use the buttons to move, jump and attack other ferocious animals by throwing out different fruits.
  • The graphics are simple but quite beautiful
  • Colors in the game are bright, combined from many strong tones, bringing the impression and joy to the player
  • The “Double Jump” feature helps the character jump higher and farther
  • This action game also has more than 80 different levels for players to experience and explore the mysterious forest
  • The confrontation with the “boss” extremely intense and attractive but also brought many laughs.

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