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Jetpack Joyride for Android 1.18.5 is a pretty good walking action game released by Halfbrick Studios – the creator of the famous Fruit Ninja slash game.

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In this game, the player will join Barry in the secret laboratory to retrieve modern missiles and weapons from the evil scientists. However, during the penetration process, unfortunately the little Barry was discovered and a series of obstacles were put in place that Barry had to try very hard to overcome them.

The task of the player is to dodge rockets, electric fences and try to collect gold coins as much as possible to improve the score.

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Start the game, you will get Machine Gun equipment. In each match, you will collect coins and complete missions to earn money and buy new equipment in The Stash!

Video introduction game Jetpack Joyride on Android

In this game, the most powerful weapon to help you dodge and overcome obstacles along the way is your reflexes. Obstacles include: laser beam, magnetic field and even guided missiles. However, fortunately this is a leading laboratory. Therefore, there will be many dangerous devices for you to collect and use along the way.

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To increase speed and power, you can use more jet models with unique features such as: Lil ‘Stomper , Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter – all can be played with touch controls. application. Thus, with Jetpack Joyride, players will have a refreshing break with Barry.

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The main feature of the game Jetpack Joyride on Android

  • The plot in the game is quite attractive and attractive to players.
  • Vibrant music, shaking hands creates tension.
  • Dramatic one-touch playground with many unexpected and difficult challenges.
  • Many missions and levels to play with increasing difficulty for players to try.
  • Various terrains and obstacles, unique vehicles.
  • Upgrade in the game to get ready for the next challenge.

New features of the game Jetpack Joyride version 1.9.10

Jetpack Joyride unique landscape action playground on Android is back with a completely new version with new and updated unique features. Here, let’s update this new game and experience the impressive points immediately in version 1.9.10.

  • Great Scott: This is your last chance to take part in the challenges to Back to the Future before this event ends.
  • Events: adding many other events in the game.
  • Media: Back in time with the DeLorean Time Machine and Hoverboard.
  • Costumes: don’t miss new styles like Marty, Doc & Biff to add to your collection.
  • Jetpack: experience Amped Up Jetpack.

Message to parents

  • The game is completely free to download, but may still require players to use real money to buy some special options. Players can disable the IAP charge plan in settings settings on their device if they do not want to use this feature.
  • Contains ads of Halfbrick products and trusted business partners.
  • Links to external social networking sites for users over the age of 13.
  • Link directly to the Internet to open the default web browser on your device.

Jetpack Joyride is an attractive scene scrolling action playground belonging to the unique endless runner game genre. The game takes players to explore a deep story mode with dramatic challenges with increasing difficulty. Quickly download this latest update to your computer to experience and join the Jetpack Joyride community around the world.

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