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Arrange squads and prepare for large-scale battles with gamers around the world! In Iron Force 2 for Android – the sequel to the millions of favorite Iron Force online tank games , you will control an army of tanks and fight against all enemies in your way!

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Iron Force 2 is a unique action game , where you can plunge right into thrilling battles with carefully designed 3D tanks. To win, gamers will have to prove they have the skills necessary to control giant armored monsters, and attack the enemy with everything you have.

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The gameplay of Iron Force 2 game for Android

The driver in Iron Force 2 for Android is very simple, so gamers will not take much time to grasp how to play. You just need to touch the virtual control bar to move tanks and action buttons to bomb enemies. The aiming process is also quite easy – just hold and move the camera until the aim falls on the target you want, then unleash the fire.

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What makes the attraction for each round in Iron Force 2 Android is that players can create many small teams to make the battle more interesting. Each tank in these groups will be marked with red and blue colors. At the top of the screen, you will see a scoreboard with the total number of tanks destroyed. Players can unlock different skills while participating in battle, this will help each of your attacks become more effective and the damage you cause is also greater. In addition, gamers can use the rewards they earn to unlock new elements, making the tank stronger.

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In the game Iron Force 2 , players will feel excited to be involved in different battle environments and drive powerful tanks. However, you will have to focus on completing all the missions and destroy all enemies – that’s the only way will lead your team to victory in the game Iron Force 2 .

Salient features of the game Iron Force 2 for Android

Defeat every opponent

Form teams with friends and players around the world in online 5v5 PvP mode. Choose your role based on your team strategy and take down the opposing team in fast-paced tank battles. Encounter with rivals of similar rank and skills for a balanced match, helping you train your skills and improve your chances of dominating the battlefield of Iron Force 2 for Android .

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Command an army of tanks in battle

Team up with team members in multiplayer battles. Devise a smart strategy on the battlefield to complete goals, kill enemies, earn rewards and climb the league rankings, in order to gain access to bigger and better rewards.

Build your base

Start with an army of three tanks, each with its own power and attributes. Develop a battle plan based on these available means, use them at the right time to easily reverse the situation. In addition, players can also upgrade the performance of tanks and implement perfect strategies to dominate opponents on the battlefield.

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The action phase voyeuristic

Plunge into fierce battles in Iron Force 2 Android with intuitive gameplay and simple drivers. Experience the excitement of real-time battlefield as you command your powerful tank fleet and challenge other players by shooting war on three depth maps, including locations in Havana, Italy Town and Freight Yard.


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